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What Is Toyhouse?

Toyhouse describes itself as a community that allows for the creation of characters, trading, role-play, and world-building. It is invitation-only, and only premium users can send invitations. It is a role-playing game within the news and books category. 

The game has seven alternative options to Toyhouse that are not just apps but also websites that run on Windows, Linux, and Mac. The most suitable option is Refresh, which is entirely free. Other excellent websites and applications like it include CharacterHub,, Realm Works, and Scabbard.

Toyhouse alternatives tend to be RPGs, but they could include World Building Games. You can filter these by feature if you require a more limited selection of options or are looking for a specific part of Toyhouse.

What Exactly Is Toyhouse Being Used To Do?

Toyhouse is a character storing and trading site that allows you to: “Store characters, set profiles, and upload picture galleries. You can organize feelings into groups, tags, or worlds. You can protect your content by giving access to characters, images, or folders to users who are authorized.

I Will Not Draw:

  • Mecha
  • Sexualized Children
  • Extreme Violence
  • Hateful Content
  • Abuse and Torture

Toyhouse Invitation Codes 2023:

It has been in beta closed for several years, and you’ll need an invite code to create an account. Invite codes are issued to people who contribute money to the site. They receive two invite codes per week and may distribute them, so new people join the website.

As for getting a code, try: 

Discord The server updates links frequently, so please let me know if this link isn’t working at the time you view this! I’ll send you a new one.

There are also a few new posts posted on the subreddit that are from people who have given away codes for free 🙂

Toyhouse Character Code [HTML]:

You will receive the .txt file that contains the code needed to create your character sheets.

Be aware that this has been designed as an individual commission which means it’s been adapted to the specific characteristics of the character you’re interested in for this particular instance—Anya from the Theo-Garcia series on Theo-Garcia on. You can modify the code to meet your needs, such as the images, colors, and fonts.

As this is my first code, there may be bugs when you include more elements or texts, particularly with formatting. I’ll correct this when I’ve got a better grasp of HTML. This program was created for PC use and is best used in a larger browser tab.


  • Let the credit cards remain as they are.
  • Don’t give the code away to anyone else.
  • To properly use the code to use it properly, you must disable WYSIWYG in your profile.

How Can I Become A Member Of Toyhouse?

There is no need to purchase a Toyhouse code, as it’s free. A monthly subscription is $5.

The codes can be sold or traded for. Use them however you wish with them, but not our company. Once you’ve got the code, head to the page for registration.

Have you ever wondered what you can do to obtain a Toyhouse code? This post is the most effective method to find out how to get Free Toyhouse Codes 2023. This tool has passed numerous tests and has never failed to amaze me. I’ll also demonstrate how to use the Toyhouse invitation code generator. To be able to claim your invite, you’ll need to follow two simple steps that take just a few minutes.

Toyhouse Codes March (2023):

  • kfwmx3az
  • KsVVkd3ka
  • A3d8mX4hoC
  • A3d8mX4hoC
  • NJZeqHxVh0
  • jr4pu9pVu2
  • NyAKotb8jM
  • GKsyvrATHt
  • KhOTGmVuHK

Toyhouse Codes(Expired Codes)

  • QYUT00boN2
  • KAFhzvXTYo
  • qGdXbv7G5T
  • HziMfauCc0
  • fuVsop5f8V
  • Srcy9cWhX1
  • KTPBRoJqSv

Take them only to make use of them or give them away! Please don’t claim them to trade them in exchange for something else. I’m offering them free of charge. Please be fair.

How Can I Obtain An Toyhouse Code?

To obtain Free Toyhouse codes 2023, you need to utilize our generator tool. It’s easy to use. Follow my steps because this method will help you save money. These steps will give you an invite code for free in 2023.

I’ll show you the steps you must complete to receive the Invite Code Toyhouse. The steps are simple to meet, so don’t be worried.

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What Are The Best Ways To Send Characters From Toyhouse?

Go to your profile page and click on the ‘ownership’ tab to the left, click “transfer character,” and enter the username of the recipient and the reason why they want to transfer it as stated. After this, you’ll be all set!

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