Tapping Legends X Codes [March 2023] – Free Taps & Spins

What is Tapping Legends X?

Tapping Legends X is all about clicking to earn clicks, which you then spend on eggs to acquire pets that bring your more hits. It’s not as easy, however. You’ll need to exchange your clicks with Rebirths which allows you to earn more clicks for each click. However, you’ll also begin to earn Rubies. Utilize these Rubies to improve your skin for tapping and various tapping multipliers.

After you’ve collected enough Rebirths, You can head through portals to explore new worlds and additional pets to complete your collection. Tapping Legends x is the most entertaining game.

Latest Game Update

The latest Tapping Legends update is 20, adding the brand new Retro World. Check out the complete update notes below. Find the authorized page for the game here.

  • New Retro World
  • Retro Egg, two secrets have been added.
  • The game has added 11 pets (you can also now improve your pet stats!)
  • Retro chests included in the game with special rewards
  • Four new titles to earn through playing the game
  • Other bugs fixes

All Tapping Legends X Codes 2023

We have the complete list of Roblox’s codes Tapping Legends X below. You can input each of them in the redemption screen of codes to redeem freebies, such as boosts and currency or limited-time items. Codes expire after a limited period, so you must make sure you utilize the codes while they’re still valid, or they’ll go to be wasted.

 Roblox Tapping Legends X Codes 2022
 Roblox Tapping Legends X Codes 2023

Current Tapping Legends X Codes March 2023

Tapping Legends X CodesRewards
spyFree Tap, Luck, Damage, and Rebirth Vials (New)
HalloweenClaim Tap, Luck, Damage, and Rebirth Vials (New)
frostGet Tap, Luck, Damage, and Rebirth Vials (New)
carnival 5x Tap Vials, 5x Damage Vials, 6x Luck Vials, as well as 5x Rebirth Vials (New)
farm 5x Tap Vials, 5x Damage Vials, 6x Luck Vials as well as 5x Rebirth Vials
Temple5x Tap Vials 5x Damage Vials 6x Luck Vials along with 5x Rebirth Vials
hundredthousandbigthanks 9x Tap Vials,10x Luck Vials, 9x Damage Vials, and 9x Rebirth Vials (New)
100kbigmilestone 6x Tap Vials,6x Rebirth Vials, 6x Luck Vials, and 6x Damage Vials
lab 5x Tap Vials,5x Luck Vials, 5x Damage Vials, and 5x Rebirth Vials
retro 5x Tap Vials,5x Rebirth Vials, 5x Luck Vials as well, and5x Damage Vials 
toy 5x Tap Vials,5x Rebirth Vials, 6x Luck Vials, and 5x Damage Vials
fantasy 5x Tap Vials,5x Rebirth Vials and 6x Luck Vials, as well as 5x Damage Vials
2mgroupmemberFree vials
MagicFree vials
90kvialstyFree vials
summer Free vials
fixes4 Tap the button to damage, luck, and Rebirth Vials
candy 5x Tap Vials,5x Rebirth Vials, 5x Luck Vials as well, and 5x Damage Vials 
swamp 5x Tap Vials,5x Rebirth Vials, 5x Luck Vials as well, and 5x Damage Vials
80knicevials 5x Tap Vials, 5x Rebirth Vials, 5x Luck Vials, and  5x Damage Vials
4thjulysteampunk 5x Rebirth Vials,5x Damage Vials, 5x Luck Vials, and 5x Tap Vials
fixes5 25x Tap Vials, 25x Damage Vials, 25x Rebirth Vials along with 25x Luck Vials
70kepicFree boosts
SteampunkFree boosts
sorryfix Free boosts
technology Free boosts
60kthanks X5 Tap Vials, x5 Rebirth Vials, x5 Damage Vials, x5 Luck Vials, 
25m X5 Tap Vials, x5 Rebirth Vials, x5 Luck Vials,x5 Damage Vials
50ksuscode x5 Damage Vials, x5 Luck Vials, x5 Tap Vials
hell-5x5 Lucky Vials,X5 Tap Vials with the damage of x6 Vials, 
15m x5 Damage Vials,x5 Tap Vials, x5 Luck Vials
fix3 X2 Tap Vials and x2 Damage Vials, and x2 Lucky Vials
40kreallyhotcode x4 Damage Vials,X4 Tap Vials, x4 Luck Vials
Heaven 5 Damage Vials,5 Tap Vials and  and x5 Lucky Vials
1mgroupmembers 5x Damage Vials
bigpoostpack 10x Tap Vials ,10x Luck Vials, as well, as 10x Damage Vials
firsthunt Luck Vial
2ndhunt Tap Vial
3rd” Tap Vial
eggluck52 Luck Vials
6thpetindex Damage Vial
rewardchest7th Damage Vial
Sneakysign8th Lucky Vial
bridgey10th2 Tap Vials
EasterluckRedeemable for multiple Boosts
10klikesthankyou! Boosts
easterluck Boosts
update 1 Tap Vial
2.5klikes Tap Vial
1klikes Tap Vial
improvements2Tap Vial
changes1 Tap Vial
Release Tap Vial
Tapping Legends X Codes

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Expired Codes

Tapping Legends X CodesRewards
Mines3x Tap Vials codes
Bigpoostpack10x Lucky Vials 10, 10x Tap Vials as well, as 10x Damage Vials
rainbow Enhances
Galaxy X5 Tap Vials and damage Vials and x5 Luck Vials
20klikesforvials 3x Damage Vials
30kcoolcodeX4 Damage Vials,X4 Tap Vials, x4 Luck Vials
10m x5 Tap Vials, x5 Damage Vials
Tapping Legends X Codes

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How Can I Redeem The Codes From Tapping Legends X?

To redeem codes to purchase Tapping Legends X:

  • Upgrade Tapping Legends X on the Roblox display place.
  • Tap an icon of a shopping cart located on the right-hand left.
  • Input a valid code in the recovery box.
  • Hit the Redeem button and take advantage of your free boosts in-game and rewards.

Where Can I Find Additional Codes to Tapping Legends X?

To get more codes, follow OwcaDev for more information on Twitter. They are the creators of the game. Join our page, the officially-owned servers, to receive updates and news and interact with other game players. In the intervening time, we’ll keep informed in this site to include the most current codes, so be sure to keep checking back often.

These are the only codes currently available in the Roblox Tapping Legends X game. Roblox Tapping Legends X. If you know of one we’re not listing, we’d love your thoughts in the comments section so we can include it immediately.

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