Sword Factory X Codes (March 2023) – Super Free Boosts

What is Sword Factory X?

Sword Factory X is about constructing the perfect sword. It would be best to defeat many enemies and bosses, and all this progress goes towards creating a new mighty sword. It’s another installment in the lengthy Sword Factory series that has existed for quite a while. Sword Factory X has a variety of new features and new worlds. These codes can help by gaining luck boosts to craft new swords and reward points for free.

All Sword Factory X Codes 2023

The complete code list to use with Roblox Sword Factory X is below. You can input each on the code redemption screen to receive freebies, such as boosts currency, currency, or limited-time items. The codes expire after a brief period, so you must make sure you use the codes while they’re still valid, or they’ll go to be wasted. Stay tuned for further news.

All Codes For Sword Factory X Roblox
All Codes For Sword Factory X Roblox

All Valid Sword Factory X Codes March 2023

Latest Codes:

Sword Factory X CodesRewards
80K_FAVS!!GG Redeem code to purchase a super Boost (NEW)
40K-LIKES-YEET!!!You can redeem the code for an hour-long Super Boost
10MVISITS!!!! You can redeem the code for a Super Boost
TOPTIER200K! You can redeem the code to purchase Super Boost! Super Boost
TOPTIER100K! Redeem code for a 30 min Damage Boost
SFXRocksRedeem the code for reward points for free
FAVORITE30KTIMES! Redeem a code to get free rewards
2MVISITS-3M-NEXT? Redeem code to receive rewards free of charge
1M-VISITS!!!!You can redeem the code to earn cash rewards for free
GEMS4FREERedeem code for 1,000 Gems
3KLIKES THANK YOU! Redeem code to earn rewards for free
400K-VISITS-EYY Redeem the code to get an extra 15 minutes of EXP
LuckyBOI Redeem code for thirty minutes and 2x luck
Sword Factory X Codes

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Sword Factory X Codes 2023 (Expired Codes)

There aren’t any codes that have expired as so far.

How Can I Redeem Sword Factory X Codes?

To redeem codes on Roblox Sword Factory X, you’ll have been following these instructions:

  1. Start up Roblox Sword Factory X and install it on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Click or tap on the Twitter button on the screen’s left side


  1. Could you copy the code from our list?
  2. Copy your code in the “Enter Code” text box.
  3. Click your Redeem button to receive your reward.

Where Can I Find More Latest Codes To Use?

Follow the game’s developers through the Twitter page to stay informed about news along with Sword Factory X news. Also, you can follow Sword Factory X’s Roblox page or sign up on the Official Discord community server to talk and interact with fellow players. Receive announcements and updates on new games and get more information regarding the game. We suggest that you follow our list of codes here to stay up-to-date and find everything you need in one place.

Here’s the complete working code listing for Roblox Sword Factory. Keep this list in mind and come back shortly for more information. When an update is made, we’ll add it to our list.

Why My Roblox Sword Codes Are Not Working?

There are various reasons why the Roblox Sword Factory X codes aren’t working. Ensure you have the correct spelling and punctuation before you click Redeem. Avoid these errors by copying and pasting codes listed in our list. 

The codes you are trying to redeem have expired. Most Roblox codes are available for a certain amount of time, so be sure you claim them as soon as you find them on our list. You will never be able to miss another bonus.

Where Can You locate the Ascender In Roblox Sword Factory X?

When you enter the main lobby of Roblox Sword Simulator X, the middle area is the location to sell the weapons you’ve developed. To the left of this section, you’ll find the Ascender. This is where you can place your weapons into the Ascender to improve them or even put new enchantments on them.

How To Play Sword Factory X Game?

Welcome to Sword Factory X, The latest installment in the Sword Factory series; this is the next major thing. There are various new features, explore areas, and buy items. Create swords. As you ascend, you can enhance your swords. Kill bosses to gain access to new areas. Put your most valuable items into the vault.

Sword Factory X Codes Wiki Updates

If you cannot purchase this game via Robux currency, then freebies cash codes are one of the best alternatives. Top Tier Games developers release on events, targets such as occasions, milestones, or other special occasions.

 Below, you can look through the most recent wiki to find more codes and game-changing features recently included in the game. Also, you can get Lucky! Faster Ascender plus XP! Faster Conveyors, Faster Machines, more cash, stronger swords, and more Health! VIP, Speedier with Robux.

Follow the official gaming channel on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and every social media platform to stay up-to-date with the latest code news.

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