Summoners War Codes 2023 Wiki (March) – [NEW!]

Summoners War Overview:

Summoners War can be described as a role-playing video game that Com2uS developed. BlueStacks application player can be the ideal platform for playing Android games on your computer or Mac to experience a truly immersive gaming experience. 

In this Summoners War adventure, the race to obtain the Mana Crystals is to gather a group of monsters and join in the fight to win the battle to take possession of this valuable artifact. Select as many monsters as possible from a selection of more than 1000 champions. Create a strategic team of monsters that have powerful abilities and abilities. Explore the power and amazingness of each monster, and choose the one you can get to be part of your team. Journey through dungeons and dimensional holes to find the crystal of great power.

Additionally, you can increase your creatures’ abilities by summoning that forbidden power, Homunculus. By summoning this powerful power, you can boost your monsters’ abilities and make them unnoticeable on the battlefield. Also, join the battle and take on other teams using brilliant, well-planned strategies and tactics.

Summoners War Codes March List (2023):

Let’s begin with a list of working redeem codes for Summoners War.

Summoners War CodesRewards
SW2022sep90 Make use of this promo code to purchase Water Scroll x1.
sweetcookie Apply this coupon code to purchase Mystical Scroll x3. (NEW)
NEWSIGN23GG Get this promo code Mana 200000 or Mystical Scroll 3.
findellia030 Make use of this redeem code to get Summoning Stones x100.
SW2022Sep90 Make use of this redeem code to purchase Water Scroll x1.
SweetcookieRedeem this code for Mystical Scroll x3.
Summoners War Codes

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There are a few active codes for Summoners War, be quick to redeem these codes to earn rewards, as they’ll expire within a couple of days.

Summoners War Codes Wiki

Summoners War Codes 2023 (Expired List)

Once you’ve mastered the codes that work, let’s look at the most recently expired codes so that you don’t waste your time trying to use these:

Summoners War CodesRewards
Womenyaoguanjun You can redeem this code to receive 100x Energy Crystal x100, Crystal x100, and Mystical Scroll 5.
Jingcaidebisai Make use of this redeem code to purchase Mystical Scroll x3.
Zuiqiangsaiqu Make use of this redemption code to purchase Mystical Scroll x2.
arenamaster22 Make use of this redeem code to purchase Mystical Scroll x2.
Apacwathai This redeem code is valid for Energy x100 and summoning Stones 50.
atsumare2022Use this redeem code to purchase Energy x1 or Mana 100000.
SaturdayfeverUse this redeem coupon code to purchase Mana x1800 Crystal x50, Crystal x50, and Mystical Scroll one.
SWCRTURNS2022Use this code to redeem Summoning Stones 50.
waiwaiswc2022 Use this redemption code to get Energy x100 and summon Stones 50.
Yokososwc2022 Make use of this redemption code to redeem to purchase Mystical Scroll x1.
SW2022AUG72 Make use of this redeem code to purchase Fire Scroll x1.
summonsummer Redeem this code for Water Scroll x3.
2022swc520 Utilize this redemption code to receive Mystical Scroll x2.
SWC2022HAOBANG Utilize this redemption coupon to redeem 100x energy.
SWC22CMieux You can redeem this code to receive two Mystical Scrolls.
SWC3tagewach Utilize this redeem code to receive 100x energy and x100000 mana.
Zala2022swcUse this redemption code to receive 100x Energy and 50 Summoning Stones.
SWC2022shuila Utilize this redeem the coupon to redeem 100000 Mana and 1 Mystical Scroll.
1tectonicshift1 Use this redemption coupon to receive x1 water Scroll and x1 wind scroll.
Idgt2021best Enter this code to earn 100 Energy.
swcwillbback Make use of this code to obtain the Mystical Scroll x120.
rockwithswc2021 Use this code to earn x200 Mana, Energy, and 200 Crystal.
perfectpickanyone Enter this code to unlock Mystical Scroll x5.
SW2021nov12 Utilize this code to earn 50 summoning Stones.
Worldarena This code will give you the x100000 Mana.
finalswc Utilize this code to gain the energy of x100.
SW2021oct01Use this code to gain one water scroll and one winds scroll.
SWplay2gether This redemption code is valid for 3 Mystical Scrolls.
let’sfetzeu2021 Enter this code to earn x100 energy, x100000 mana, and 50 Crystal.
allezleurope21 Enter this code to earn an energy level of x50, Mana levels of x200000, and 50 Crystal.
Susueucup1023 Expired redeem the coupon in exchange for 1 Wind Scroll.
SWplay2Gether Make use of this code to obtain Mythical Scroll x3.
Eucup2021 Enter this code to earn 100K Mana.
Apacgazua  Expired redeem code to Mystical Scroll.
Omataseapac21Expired redeem a coupon for 50 energy.
SW2021OCT01A redemption code has expired in exchange for a Water Scroll and a Wind Scroll.
Summoners War Codes

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How To Redeem Summoners War Codes For Both iOS As Well As Android?

In contrast to several mobile games, the process of redeeming promo coupons for promo codes in Summoners War differs on iOS and Android.

For iOS (Apple devices such as iPhones), it’s easy. All you need do is click the direct link, which takes you to the gaming and allows you to redeem promo codes. You can find the direct link within the promotional codes area.

For Android, the process is easy, and you must take a few additional instructions to use the codes you have for the games.

To redeem these codes for Android, You must:

  1. The Summoners War launcher is available on your device
  2. Tap on the button for Event (the pink box with the gift symbol)
  3. Following this, you go to the bottom of the page.
  4. At the bottom, click the button “Enter your promo code here!”
  5. You then enter your promotional code in the box.
  6. Press “Enter.” Click on the “Enter” button.

After this, your coupon should be redeemable, and you will receive your reward immediately.

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How To Earn More Summoners War Codes?

  We will frequently release the most current summoners War promo codes via the official social media channels. When a goal is reached, they usually issue new summoners war codes. Also, whenever the game’s creators announce the formation of a new partnership or organize special events during the holidays, the game of summoner’s war will release new codes and reward loyal players.

In addition, as we continuously refresh this guide with the most recent version, you’ll be able to look through this guide to determine the codes that have expired and recently introduced into the game.

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Play Summoners War On A PC:

The installation process is the same for Windows and Mac PC, so I’ll only cover it for Windows users.

Below is the process of installing the game summoner’s war on your windows or mac PC and mac pc. This method will work for you if you’re a Mac user.

  • In this case, we require an Android emulator to play this game. 
  • Download the file by clicking the button above.
  • Unzip the file, double-click on the installer, run it, and log in using the Google account.
  • Start the play store and look for the summoners war PC search bar.
  • Then, choose the game you want to install and click the install button to begin the installation.
  • At some point, you will see the application downloaded to your computer and be notified of it.
  • This is the full installation of the summoner’s war game for the PC. Now you can play the game.
  • If you cannot download the game on the play store, you can download the game’s APK included within that zip.
  • It is enough to drag and drop the file into the emulator, and the game will be installed automatically.

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