Summoners Era Codes – (March 2023) – [Free Gems & Scrolls]

Summoners Era Game Description:

Summoners Era is a mobile game created by Fansipan Limited. In this classic idle AFK role-playing game, players have control of powerful Summoners that summons gods and demons, elves, titans, and orcs. Utilize your summons to form the most powerful team of characters and develop them to bring the world back from the darkness. Be a winner in idle adventures, increase your strength, and participate in the thrilling ten-man arenas.

The Summoners Era includes more than one hundred heroes, divided into six distinct and final factions. These factions represent different elements. Each character has four abilities, and you’ll need to mix other heroes and discover the best synergy and strategy. Contrary to the majority of games, you select Summoners. They are strong creatures that summon your heroes onto the battlefield and develop gradually. 

Game Features: 

  • You can conquer the classic Idle RPG game genre with just a swipe of your finger.
  • Your heroes will train automatically and get stronger even if you’re AFK. They’ll become more robust when you return.
  • Gather valuable heroes as well as rare objects to build the ultimate team. Numerous rewards await you at the highest level.
  • There are more than 150 Heroes, every of which has different skills. There are myriad ways to play around with, and the only limit to your creativity.
  • Join forces with your fellow players and friends from around the globe to take on other guilds. It’s exciting! Guild Wars is now available with exclusive rewards.
  • Let the world know your top AFK team by beating the other players on the field. Now is the time to plan and develop a solid strategy to be the best.

What Are The Summoners Era Gift Codes?

Summoners Era gift cards are the kind of gift that the game’s creators offer to players. The codes provide no-cost gems, summoning scrolls, fate stones, and many other top-quality rewards. The codes can unlock a variety of items during the Summoners age. Below is an updated Summoners Era Codes List for gamers and you, so make sure you redeem your most loved codes.

List Of Summoners Era Codes March (2023):

If you’re a frequent participant in the Summoners Era game and usually search for codes on the web to play your game, I suggest that you save this page to the bookmarks in your browser. This guide will be up to date with the latest codes that have been released—testing the codes included on this list before making or updating this guide.

Make sure to redeem all coupons on our list as quickly as possible, as they could expire at any point.

Summoners Era Gift Codes
Summoners Era Gift Codes
Summoners Era CodesRewards
SEOCT22You can redeem this gift voucher for 200 gems, five premium summon scrolls, and three gold drops (valid through October 31, 2022)
SEVIP999You can redeem this code for gems and other rewards that are exclusive to you.
SUMMON4FUNYou can redeem this code to earn gems and other rewards that are exclusive to you.
SUNGAMEPLAYYou can redeem this code for gems or other exclusive rewards
Summoners Era Codes

Summoners Era Codes 2023 (Expired Codes)

Summoners Era CodesRewards
SESEP22You can redeem this gift card for 200 gems, five premium summon scrolls, and three gold drops (valid up to September 30, 2022)
SEVNNATION22You can redeem this gift card for 500 Gems and ten premium summon Scrolls along with two Destiny Stones (valid until September 9, 2022)
SEAUG22You can redeem this code for 200 gems, five premium summon scrolls, and three gold drops (valid through August 30, 2022)
SEJULY22Use this code to redeem 200 gems, five premium summons, and three gold jumps (valid through July 31, 2022)
SEHAPPY22Use this coupon code to redeem 10 Holy Waters, 10 Elite Summon Scrolls, and Two gold Jumps (2 hours) along with two EXP Jumps (2 hours) (Valid from July 1, 2022.)
BIRTHDAY22Use this coupon code to redeem five Ancient Relics, 10 Elite Summon Scrolls 2, 2 gold jumps (2 hours), as well as two EXP The Jumps (2 hours) (Valid up to June 30, 2022.)
SEHPBD22Use this code to redeem 10000 gems, 20 summon scrolls, and the ten stone of fate (valid through June 30, 2022)
SEJUNE22Use this code to redeem 200 Gems and Five Premium Summon Summon Scrolls, and 3 Leap Gold (valid through June 30, 2022)
Summoners Era Codes

How To Redeem Summoners Era Codes?

The steps below are needed to redeem codes within Summoners Era:

  1. Start the game, and then hit the display gear button on the left-hand side.
  2. The new screen will appear. Click on the tab ‘Gift code‘ that has an icon for the box with a gift.
  3. Use the codes we gave you above in the “Enter redemption code” section.
  4. Click the ‘Confirm‘ button, and you’ll be awarded immediately.

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How To Get More Summoners Era Gift Codes?

New Summoners the Era Gift Codes are posted on official social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and the official Discord. Typically, the creators of the game release gift vouchers on special occasions, such as the game’s milestones or other popular events, collaborations, and other special occasions. Bookmark the page, and continue looking for any new codes.

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Why Can’t The Summoners Era Codes Work? 

Codes Summoners Era typically are provided by the game’s developers themselves. The issue is that we usually don’t know what time frame they’ll be in or if they come with any limitations. If the code you’ve seen on this page doesn’t work, ensure that you’ve written it correctly using punctuation marks and capital letters. Some codes require you to satisfy certain conditions or go through the game to allow them to function.

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If the code is still not working, the code is likely to expire. In this case, you could contact us to communicate with us, and we will remove it from the website (but don’t forget to include in your email what code you used and what game it’s for).


In this gift code Summoners Era blog post, we’ve provided you with an entire list of codes you can use to receive rewards for free, such as summon scrolls, gems, destiny stones, and much more. We also keep updating this page to ensure you’ll continue to receive more Summoners codes once they have arrived.

If you’re unsure how to redeem Summoners Era gift codes, the following guidelines have been included to assist you in the redemption methods to receive free summon scrolls and a reward for destiny stone.

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