Sonic Exe FNF Codes – (January 2023) – [Working Codes!]

Sonic Exe FNF Codes – (January 2023) – [Working Codes!]

November 28, 2022 Off By Mehran Zafar

Looking for Sonic Exe FNF Codes or Sonic Exe FNF Latest Codes or something like Sonic Exe FNF Working Codes? If yes then you must read this article.

Sonic Exe FNF Game Overview:

Friday Night Funkin, a popular online music battle game, is now available for PC. FNF is very easy to modify and create multiple versions. FNF vs. Sonic.Exe is one of these mods. This guide will show you how to download FNF Sonic.Exe, and give you all the good code options available in the SOUND TEST section.

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Download Friday Night Funkin Vs. Sonic Exe Mod:

We have the entire process for downloading and installing FNF Sonic exe.

  • Go to the Game site and search FNF Vs Sonic.
  • Next, allow the RAR file download to complete.
  • Next, use WinRAR or another utility to unzip the RAR file.
  • Look for the Bin folder within the main folder.
  • Select Sonic from the Bin folder Exe.exe.
  • Finally, load the game to start playing.

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What Are Sonic Exe FNF Codes?

Roblox Sonic Exe Friday Night Funkin is a rhythm recreation that sees you compete against an opponent for the title of “Roblox Friday Night Funkin. This game involves you aiming to be the peer who can reach the target arrowheads fastest to the beat. This is a popular sports category that originated with Friday evening Funkin’. It has since expanded to include many games on many systems. You will make many factors while playing the game that you can use to purchase cosmetics for your character. Use the codes provided on this page to speed up your collection.

Sonic Exe FNF Latest Codes
Sonic Exe FNF Latest Codes

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Vs. Sonic Exe Sound Codes may offer other options for saving money with 78 current outcomes. Your purchase could be reduced by up to 51 percent new promo codes are often added to our site. They are scheduled for 2022. The Vs. Sonic Exe Sound Test Codes have been updated 39 times in the past 73 days. This indicates that more information is available every 18.25 days.

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All FNF Sonic Exe FNF Sound Test Codes 2023:

There are several secret Friday Night Funkin Sonic Exe sound test codes. First, beat Sonic in the first song to get the rest of the songs. Click on Sound Test from the main menu.

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Most Recent Sonic Exe FNF Codes January (2023):

Here’s a list of all current energized Roblox Sonic Exe Funky Friday redemption codes you can use to get loose aspects and computer animations.

Sonic Exe FNF CodesRewards
1BILCHEESERedeem this code to get Funky Cheese Computer Animation.
9keyishereRedeem this code to get 500 Points.
MILLION SUCHES ASRedeem this code to get a radio to emote.
100kactiveRedeem this code to get 250 Points.
Half billionRedeem this code to get 500 Factors
Smash that like SwitchRedeem this code to get 300 Factors
250MRedeem this code to get 250 Points.
1MILFAVSRedeem this code to get Boombox Animation.
100MRedeem this code to get 500 Points.
19DOLLARRedeem this code to get RickRoll animation.
Sonic Exe FNF Codes

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Sonic.exe 2.0 Sound Test Codes:

These are the secret codes to FNF Vs. Sonic Exe 2.0. This is the slope of choices you will get.

Enter the following codes:

  • PCM No. 01 DA No. 13
  • No. 12 DA No. 25
  • PCM No. 07 DA No. 07
  • PCM No. 23 DA No. 23
  • No. 12 DA No. 34
  • PCM No. PCM NO. 10
  • PCM No. 06 DA No. 06
  • PCM No. 32 DA No. 08
  • PCM No. 03 DA No. 01
  • No. 12 DA No. 11
  • PCM No. 41 DA No. 01
  • PCM No. PCM NO. 27
  • PCM No. 06 DA No. 09

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We hope you found this helpful in the Friday Night Funkin FNF VS Sonic Exe Mod downloading and installation process and the secret Sound Test Codes.

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