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What Is RoVille?

RoVille is a fun life simulation game in which you can play in a city full of other Roblox players trying to navigate through a virtual realm. You can discover a vast universe of homes that have been custom created by people like you to meet new people and relax in the tranquility of suburban life. If you’ve ever wanted to believe that you can live an extravagant lifestyle filled with wealth and power in the best position. You can also enjoy fame and power in RoVille.

More About The Game And RoVille Codes:

  • Find a private server for free to ensure that you and your friends can play.
  • In RoVille an open-world multiplayer live simulation, players can build their own homes or work in one of the many professions and interact with other players.
  • Explore completely customizable vehicles that you can purchase in-game to explore the vast world.
  • Make a beautiful home, and then offer it to other buyers for sale!
  • Establish a successful business and make millions of dollars as you run your business.
  • Explore the substantial user-generated property marketplace to find a house that meets your requirements and then personalize it!
  • You can put your money into the investments account.

What Are RoVille’s Codes?

RoVille codes are codes that are given by the creators of the game that players can redeem. When users redeem codes, they earn rewards in the game created by the creator. In most cases, these codes assist players in improving their performance in the game or provide them with a boost.

Developers generally release codes to celebrate something related to their game or holiday. RoVille vouchers expire over time, and you should use them while they’re in use. Codes can be advertised across various platforms, including the social media accounts of the developer or developer, as well as on the game’s website, on their Roblox site, and within the game itself.

To make it easier for customers to conveniently find the active promo codes for RoVille, we’ve put together this guide, which will show all active codes in one spot.

Roblox RoVille Codes January (2023): 

Using our RoVille codes, you can build up substantial money to start your second adventure in the Roblox world. Use this Cash to purchase content in the game for your work or home to help you get into the spotlight of your peers. The ordinary life you started will soon be gone when you earn wealth with only a few keys.

RoVille Codes
RoVille Codes

When you’re playing with our codes for RoVille be sure to look through our lists of codes for like Roblox games.

Active Codes:

Here’s an overview of all the RoVille codes that are currently in use. 

RoVille CodesRewards
100MVISITSRedeem for 2k Cash
RoVille Codes

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RoVille Codes 2023 (Expired Codes)

These RoVille codes are no longer working.


How To Utilize The New RoVille Codes?

If you’re not sure about how to utilize RoVille Codes? It’s pretty simple! Follow a few simple steps.

  1. Launch RoVille by visiting the Roblox website or the app.
  2. Click the purple “Store” button to the right of your screen.
  3. Enter an activation code into the field ‘ENTER CODE‘ located in the window’s lower right corner that displays the shop.
  4. Click the green “SUBMIT” button next to the field, and you’ll be able to read the content in the code.

How Do I Get More Codes?

RoVille codes are very rare. The last code offered to the company was in December 2021 and expired shortly after being dropped. The most efficient way to obtain the most recent code is to save this site and regularly check to see if new codes have been updated, so you don’t need to keep track of looking for codes that could never appear.

If you’d like to have the codes available immediately when they become available, you can follow the social media profiles of the game’s creator, Team Crystal. They have a Twitter account that isn’t up and running and never contains the codes they’ve added; however, you can check the discord account for the most up-to-date information.

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Why Don’t My RoVille Codes Working?

A few RoVille codes have been introduced to the game, and most of them expire within a couple of weeks following their publication. If you type in any code and the game says it’s expired, inform us so we can take it off the list! If it does not say it’s expired, there’s an issue.

The most frequent cause of incorrect codes is that they did not enter them correctly. To avoid this, Copy and paste the code directly from the website into the game instead of manually entering them. Be aware that Codes in RoVille are case-sensitive.

Roblox Roville House Valid Codes:

Here are the Roville house codes that we have managed to locate. Be sure to inform us via the comment section below in case the codes for your house are not working. We’ll accurately update this article.

RoVille CodesRewards
123672877Nature Loft
1010167604Modern House
588868925Compact Modern home
1393808427Modern Mansion v2
13741362Georgian Style Estate House
212576710Palm Hillside Paradise
452746317Roville Mansion
1678471029Lakeside House
452746317Starter House
1678471029Parasite House
212576710Mountain Side Mega Mansion
54120560Modern House
212576710Christmas Suburban
149605140Beverly Hills Mansion Air
149605140Beverly Hills Mansion Water
1611163678Purple Suburban
RoVille Codes

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How To Purchase Houses Using House Codes In Roville?

To buy homes as well as similar homes in Roville, players can go to the Marketplace. Input the codes above in the property codes section at the page’s lower part. The window for the property will appear, look at the price, and buy the property.

How Do You Sell A House?

Selling a home on RoVille is among the most profitable methods to earn more money, but of course, you’ll need to spend time to build a home and then publish it, but it’s worth it since you’ve made an incredible piece of art! Unfortunately, only Platinum members can sell homes. If you want to offer your home for sale on the Marketplace, you are welcome to do it! But make sure you’re not selling anyone another’s property since it will not permit you to do this.

  1. Click on the Home button, and it will reveal three buttons. As we’re here to serve market place, select the Marketplace button.
  2. Within the Marketplace, you can click the upload button located at the upper right.
  3. It will give you options to enhance your profit by at least twice your property’s value. 
  4. After that afterward, you after that, you upload the file. Remember that you can only upload each day once.
  5. You can put your builds on the Roville marketplace discord server to earn more money.

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