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Revived Witch Game Overview

Revived Witch is a unique mobile RPG with adorable cartoon-style character modules that are pixel art. The player will play the Witch’s character, who suffers from memory loss. You will take a journey through a mystical land to discover the things she’s forgotten and lost. You’ll encounter various characters and battle against powerful foes or opponents throughout the journey.

Within the Revived Witch game, players can discover various worlds, engage in real-time battles, and discover new characters. Revived Witch combines 2D dynamics with 3D lighting creating a unique and distinctive gaming experience.

Game Features

High-Resolution Pixel Art & Exquisite Lighting Effect

It is a mix of top-quality 2D pixels and 3D lighting. The game has its distinctiveness and beauty.

Character Cultivation & Team Building

Revived Witch is packed with upgrades for characters and captivating equipment. It is essential to be ready for all possible dimensions.

Dynamic characters

The game is filled with unique characters that are live 2D technology, but one of the game’s highlights is its voiceovers, performed by the best voice actors.

Real-time battle

When playing the game, it is possible to use the energy of chaos and order, which will help turn an undesirable situation around instantly. (PS You can join your friends to play in a team of three)

Exploration of Diverse Worlds

As I’ve mentioned, the game offers distinct worlds you have to play in. So be prepared for a rough ride ahead.

Beautiful Background Music

The game features one of the top background music. You can listen to it before playing; visit their website using your smartphone and play it.

Revived Witch Codes March 2023

Are you just beginning to play the game and want access to all the latest Revived Witch coupons? You’ve arrived at the right place since we’ve provided an exhaustive listing of all codes currently active for Revived Witch and the benefits they offer in our article of today.

Revived Witch Redemption Codes
Revived Witch Codes

Various issues have been reported to the game in the last few months, and they’ve been successfully fixed. Additionally, summons, resources, and cosmetics were distributed to players via codes in the wake of the game’s popularity.

Many Revived Witch promotion codes are not working; however, a few are still working; below is a list of all current functioning revived Witch redeem codes. So grab your cup of coffee or tea and get cozy as we guide you through them step-by-step.

Active Revived Witch Codes March (2023)

The codes for all Revived Witches are available.

This is a complete list of currently active codes available in the game. Be sure to redeem them as quickly as possible because they are due to expire, and you do not want to lose these codes.

Revived Witch CodesRewards
surprisefromElla Claim 1x Large Soul Cryolite (NEW)
SPRINGFESTIVAL Rewards: 1 Cloth Tiger decoration
THEBEGINNING Rewards: 3x Soul Cryolite , 1 Stamina ,Elixir Kitty Cat Avatar Frame
ADVENTUREBEGINS Rewards: 2x Soul Cryolites,3x Strengths Elixir
Revived Witch Codes

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As of this writing, this is the only functioning code available in the game. Keep alert for new codes as we’ll ensure to keep the list current and up-to-date information and include any new codes when they are released.

Revived Witch Codes 2023 (Expired Codes)

If you’d like to try your luck entering Revived Witch expired codes in case they’re valid, We have the complete list of codes for you. We would not recommend you get your hopes up, as they’ll likely disappear forever, but where’s the harm in entering these codes? Revived Witch codes nonetheless.

  • 44e740c8
  • 4340e0c8
  • 4875e0ca
  • 513660ca
  • 52a420c8
  • 5ece00ca
  • 614980c8
  • 624920c8
  • 6250e0ca
  • 62eea0ca
  • 682880c8
  • 6c1f40c8
  • 6e89a0ca
  • 709b60cc
  • 784f40ca

How To Redeem Revived Witch Codes?

It’s counterintuitive to redeem codes within Revived Witch, as the process could easily be confused with the invite code (when you intend to invite players to earn more rewards). Therefore, if you wish for these to be redeemed, be sure you follow the steps in the following steps:

Step 1: Tap the account icon in your screen’s upper left corner.

Step 2: Select Other Settings.

Step 3: Tap the Redeem button next to the text bar (it isn’t working when you tap it).

Step 4: Enter your redemption code and click “Confirm”.

How To Gather More Revived Witch Redeem Codes?

We’ve provided some options if you’re searching for additional Revived Witch promo codes. Revived Witch posts its gift codes on its official websites, such as its Facebook site, Instagram as well as Twitter, and you can also utilize discord as well as Reddit. Developers frequently postcode in conjunction with special occasions like birthdays or anniversary celebrations.

 For all this at one location, go to our website for the most current active codes to find more codes. You can also win prizes such as free diamonds and gold, among other fantastic gifts.

How To Reroll In Revived Witch?

  • Begin the game by logging into the game as account a guest.
  • You will be able to progress through the story by skipping as many of the scenes as you can until you have completed stages 1 and 2.
  • After completing stages 1 and 2, you’ll be asked to do your free summoning 10x. Can repeat this 100 times.
  • Reroll until you’ve got the characters you desire or until you’re out of possibilities.
  • If you don’t have your desired characters, you may reset your profile by clicking your avatar at the top left-hand corner, then User Centre and Clear Your Account Information.
  •  Repeat steps 1-5 until you have the characters you desire.


All in all, The Revived Witch coupon guide is over here. We will always keep you informed with the freshest Codes. Don’t miss the chance to redeem it before time runs out. The time is now to upgrade your account with additional freebies in the future.

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