Rebirth Island Bunker Codes – [March 2023] – (NEW!)

Rebirth Island Bunker Codes 2023:

Surprise, Warzone Rebirth Island Bunker is again at it once more with a present-day sport mode that functions as a brand new map and also, you guessed it, every other Easter egg. Warzone virtually continues its participant base feeling like Indiana Jones with those wild adventures, and we’re extra than thankful for that content. Like preceding bunker codes and places, we’ve got every other thriller bunker on our fingers this time. It isn’t open for all and sundry to walk in casually. 

Only those who show themselves worthy by acquiring the bunker code can revel in the riches inside it. We’ll take you through the procedure of the way precisely you could search out the Rebirth Island Bunker code in this guide.

Rebirth Island Bunker Codes March (2023):

You will want 3 codes to free up the Bunker. The first and 0.33 code has 3 digits simultaneously as the second simplest. Please enter it in a linear series to open the Bunker.

  • 3-digit Code 1:  425
  • 2-digit Code 2: 14
  • 3-digit Code 3:  627
Rebirth Island Bunker Codes List
Rebirth Island Bunker Codes List

Final Code To Unlock Bunker:

Enter the 42514627 code, and you’ll free up the Easter egg as nicely as inside the sport.

How To Get Admission To The Yellow Bunker On Rebirth Island?

Unlike with preceding Easter eggs or the Bunker in Verdansk, the code to the Yellow Bunker is distinctive in each match. That’s right; there’s no code to free up the Yellow Bunker’s door.

 You can decipher the code by locating unique objects scattered at some stage in Rebirth Island. Each of those objects will offer you part of the entire code; gather all the objects to piece the overall series collectively.

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  1. Find The Name Of The Game Briefcase:

The first aspect you need to do is search for the briefcase. It can spawn on one of all 13 distinctive places on Rebirth Island (see the map above). Scattered across the briefcase, you’ll locate 3 images indicating where you could locate fragments of the Yellow Bunker to get admission to code. 

Find the code snippets at every one of the places, then integrate them to get the overall admission to code. Now that you recognize where to locate the code fragments, it’s time to go to the places inside the images.

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  1. Find The Code Snippets:

Finding the 3 code fragments is the maximum time-eating part of the procedure. That’s no longer because they’re tough to locate; the code fragments are out inside the open and clean sufficient to see, however, due to the fact you need to locate them without getting killed.

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You can see the 26 distinctive images inside the photograph above. We’ve pinpointed the map under which you could locate every vicinity.

  1. Putting The Code Fragments Collectively:

Once you’ve located the 3 code fragments, it’s only a count of placing them collectively to get the overall code. But in what order do they pass in?

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Pay interest to what number of numbers and in which the hyphens are located in every code fragment:

  • If the code fragment has 3 numbers and not using a hyphen, then it is going at the start of the overall code (example: 123).
  • If the code fragment has 3 numbers and ends with a hyphen, it goes at the start of the overall code (example: 345- ).
  • If the code fragment has the simplest numbers, it goes inside the center of the code. Hyphens don’t be counted (example: -56-)
  • If the code fragment has three numbers and starts evolving with a hyphen, it goes to the top of the code (example: -789).

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As an example (this isn’t an actual code!), in case you get the subsequent 3 code fragments:

  • -59
  • 166
  • -783

If we have a take observe the primary code fragment, it simplest has numbers. We recognize this is going inside the center of the code:

  • XXX-59-XXX

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Now searching at the second fragment, we can see that it has 3 numbers and not using a hyphen. This method is going on the front of the code:

  • 166-59-XXX

Finally, we recognize the 0.33 code starts evolved with a hyphen, so it is going on the stop:

  • 166-59-783
  1. Accessing The Yellow Bunker:

Now that you recognize the overall code, it’s time to move to the Yellow Bunker again. Interact with the keypad after the bunker door; inside, the complete get admission to code. Congratulations! You can now input the Yellow Bunker and snatch all the sweets saved inside.

How To Free Up the Yellow Entrance?

To free up the `Rebirth Island Bunker` Yellow Entrance on this sport, you need to comply with the given steps:

It could be very tough to free up the brand-new Easter egg. It is quite simple to get into the Bunker itself. You can also get inside the vicinity calls for you to get into the Bunker itself. You can pass across the distinctive maps and get distinctive inner places. You also can collect distinctive kinds of codes and use them. You will without difficulty get it with no hassle. Gamers also can use the second one-hand cheat.

How To Open Warzone Rebirth Island’s Yellow Door?

First of all, heading to the Bunker calls for plenty of staying power as you need to run throughout the entire map and collect the code:

1. To start with, locate the open briefcase with 3 images of the Rebirth Island

  1. Visit every location located inside the images
  2. Note down the numbers located at each of the 3 places
  3. Put the numbers so as primarily based totally at the “-” visible on every as we’ve got mentioned above
  4. Now, input the code on the bunker door.

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How To Get More Rewards?

Since the vicinity you’ll be getting into is a Warzone bunker, it miles predicted that completing the assignment will come up with interesting loot. The principal object you will acquire is the purple Room blueprint of the Milano SMG. This weapon has a purple-dot sight, a magazine, a grip, and a suppressor, and in case you’re lucky, you will additionally have the danger of getting the brand new stock.

Milano SMG is likewise playable in “Black Ops Cold War.” It is really useful to finish this Easter egg assignment because it’s miles the simplest manner to accumulate the gun.


Rebirth Island continues pulling the gamers again and continues those who might be gambling continually entertained.