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Project Baki 2 Game Overview:

Project Baki 2 is a thrilling Roblox fighting game based on Baki the Grappler. Like the famous anime series, players of Project Baki 2 will need to master various combat styles, including karate, Taekwondo, and boxing. Utilize the knowledge they’ve acquired to take on various foes and become the most powerful man alive.

You’ll need to join the Official Trello page to reach this level. There you can find a wealth of information that will assist you in learning the various martial art forms. This article will cover all you must be aware of when using The Project Baki 2 link on Trello.

There are a variety of trainers on the game’s map who can teach you how to fight and styles. If you improve your agility, intelligence, ability, and durability, you can unlock amazing abilities and fight through the game’s menu. Additionally, stats boost your stamina, defense, and damage, among other things.

To boost your stats in-game, there are various ways to get in shape, such as doing missions/quests, fighting off enemies/bosses working out at the gym, and Shadowboxing. To utilize mats and bags in the fitness center, you require an in-game gym membership priced at about a yen.

What Are The Project Baki 2 Codes?

The developers of the Project Baki 2 would like you to enjoy the most enjoyable gaming experience. As the game develops and increases in difficulty released, game developers offer goodies and rewards through codes. Furthermore, you could see a few vouchers during holidays and other events.

If you use these coupons, you receive certain things that aid you in your quest to win. You can improve your gaming characters and record with these codes, which are game-exclusive.

project baki 2 codes wiki
project baki 2 codes wiki

Roblox Project BAKI 2 Codes List April (2023):

You will find all Project Baki 2 relevant codes in the following list. We will share new codes when they are published on the social accounts of the creators. Sometimes, the codes expire after a time. We recommend that you make the redemption as quickly as we announce them.

The codes are available via Twitter’s Official Twitter and other Twitter accounts from the developer. On the other hand, finding each code is a little complex. Bookmark this page to receive the most recent and active codes.

Project Baki 2 Codes (Active Codes)



Project Baki 2 Codes (Expired Codes)

These codes do not work anymore. We can assist you by submitting the codes you have used or expired in the comments section. We will have them on the suitable lists.

  • There is no code accessible right now.

For additional coupons and Roblox-associated posts, please visit the Roblox page.

NOTE: We recommend that you use the codes exactly in the same way as they appear. You may duplicate and copy and paste them. This is because the codes are case-sensitive and cannot function when entered incorrectly.

We’ve got everything we can receive from Roblox’s Project Baki 2. If you notice any codes that are not present or have expired, please tell us about them by leaving a comment. We’ll test and include them in the database.

Which Badges Roblox Project Baki 2 Is Equipped With?

This is a comprehensive listing of active and removed badges accessible via Roblox Project Baki 2, and the badges were developed by the developer Project Baki. isn’t able to make new badges. Active badges are available on Roblox Project Baki 2 Lists.

At this point is the whole List of Active Badges: 

  •   Found no items in Active Badges.

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Deactivated Badges On Roblox Baki 2 Lists?

These Badges are not active for Roblox Project Baki 2; some were active before or could become active shortly. Still, everything is dependent on the development project of the developer of Baki.

  • No items are found. Deactivate Badges.

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What Is Project Baki 2 Link?

You can click the link to access this page on the site for Project Baki 2:

Click the link to this game’s Trello page and gain access to all the important information about the game, including Project Baki 2 info, controls, Discord server, mechanics, and much more. The Trello page can benefit Project Baki 2 players, particularly newcomers who need clarification about something within the game.

Trello also contains Baki 2 redeem codes, which can use to get free rewards from the game. You can claim project Baki 2 codes by navigating the game’s menu. The best part is that Admins of the Trello board ensure that the site is updated with the most current information and make it the all-in-one destination for Baki players.

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Tier List:

Here are the Project Baki 2 Trello Tier List 2022’s guides:

Street Fighting:

  • Style – Specific/Hanayama
  • Trainer Training SquidyCakez
  • Squidy – Current Abilities: 0. (starting style)
  • Punch Combo – Street
  • Changes to a new base style without having to change the style, although certain styles in the game may require this to be achieved.

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  • Style Fashion Mohammad Alai
  • Abilities 3
  • Trainer Mohammad Alaiyad Mohammad Alai
  • Requirements: 30 Agi, 10 Int 30, 30 Str, 10 Dur 20 levels

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Project Baki 2 Character Boxing Moves:

LMB 2 jabs from the left, Two Jabs from the right, and an aggressive uppercut at the middle. I was knocking back your enemy.

Note: Boxing’s LMB is believed to be faster than most fighting styles. It’s a way to strike quick punches before your opponents can react.

RMB: Powerful wind-up jab that can Guard-Break Your Guard (enemy) and Knockbacks and damage your enemies’ in-game.

Boxing is a great fighting style based on striking powerful and fast strikes at your opponent using diverse Rushes and Jabs. Furthermore, you can weave and shift your body away from your opponent.

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