Nu Carnival Codes December 2022 – Free Boosts & Gems

Nu Carnival Codes December 2022 – Free Boosts & Gems

September 21, 2022 Off By Mehran Zafar

If you are looking for Nu Carnival Codes or Nu Carnival Redeem Codes 2022 or Nu Carnival Codes December 2022 then here comes the right stuff for you. Do give it a read till the end.

Nu Carnival Game Overview

NU Carnival is a very surprising game zeroed in on an alternate sort of crowd. It is an RPG with an anime feel where the player will meet Eiden, a young gay man with really interesting work and a gender toy fashioner. One day while working, Eiden goes over an odd precious stone that transports him to a dreamland where he will meet male characters of numerous sorts and with various powers. He should turn into a legend to battle and save the world.

Application Information

Game NameNu Carnival
statusCurrently Dynamic
Publisherinfinity Alpha studio
New codes Added onSeptember 18 September 18, 2022
benefitFree diamonds, coins, gather scrolls, materials, in-game cash, and numerous treats
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Nu Carnival Codes

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Primary Features

Anyhow the fiery undertakings that he will live as a legend, the player in NU Carnival will encounter different experiences that are significantly more serious; however, he will likewise play an exemplary RPG experience thanks to the accompanying choices:

  • Will ship the player to a dreamland isolated into four districts: the region of light, the domain of water, the area of the timberland, and the zone of death.
  • Each person, human or legendary being, has a history and various abilities.
  • There are vampires, succubi, werewolves, and knights, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • You should “work the closeness level” with the characters to increment battle strength and power.
  • The player should fabricate a group of up to five legends to battle against progressively bigger foes, including end-of-level supervisors.

Nu Carnival Codes December (2022)

If you are a customary player of Nu Carnival and you normally search for codes on the web for the game, I suggest you save this page in the bookmarks of your program. We will keep this guide refreshed with every one of the distributed codes. Every one of the codes in this rundown has been tried not long before distributing or refreshing this aide.

Make sure to reclaim every one of the codes on our rundown at the earliest opportunity, as they can terminate whenever.

 Active Nu Carnival Codes December 2022

Nu Carnival CodesRewards
AS542TE31RCU8TE Get 100 spirit gems and three essence vial (New!)
U8NL45OCKEDY56A Get  500 spirit gems (New!)
8Q2UI47N365CY93Redeem this code for Coins x10.000 and Blessed Water (L) x3 (Substantial until September 23, 2022) 
M8K5OFAJ9GO7NRedeem this code for Coins x15.000 and Blessed Water (L) x5 (Substantial until September 16, September 16, 2022)
Nu Carnival Codes

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 Nu Carnival Codes(Expired)

Nu Carnival Codes October 2022
Nu Carnival Codes December 2022
Nu Carnival Codes Rewards
F6D5A8NT48UERedeem this code for Coins x10.000 and Small Lift x3 (Legitimate until August 12, 2022)
WYA9D58VY47ELRedeem this code for x30.000 coins and x500 otherworldly diamonds (Legitimate until July 31, 2022)
TS7ATNAJBGA5ARedeem this code for Coins x15.000 and Heavenly Water (L) x5 (Substantial until July 14, 2022)
E5IB7DZENYGPTRedeem this code for Coins x15.000 and Flagon of Embodiment (M) x3 (Legitimate until June 22, 2022)
2D6RK7AJXGO7NRedeem this code for 15.000 coins and 5 Sacred Water (L) (Substantial until June 6, 2022)
KNM3U9ZRY67LARedeem this code for 10.000 coins and 3 Minuscule Lifts (Substantial until May 26, 2022)
T5CMKCA3N4EXJRedeem this code for 20.000 coins (substantial until May 10, 2022)
JG6E5L954DHRedeem this code for 600 Soul Jewels, 5000 Coins, and 3 Self Representations (legitimate until April 30, 2022)
QERZKOV24FGRRedeem this code for 3 Little Lifts (Substantial until April 30, 2022)
KEOXV4RNXZ5Redeem this code for 100 Soul Jewels (Legitimate until April 30, 2022)
nucarnival2MRedeem this code for 20 Substance Agreements (Legitimate until April 16, 2022)
UJ4F21FERT6VCRedeem this code for 5000 Coins and 3 Substance Flagons (M) (Legitimate until April 16, 2022)
SLO5RYF9GEORedeem this code for 100 Soul Jewels and 1 Essential Lift (legitimate until April 5, 2022)
Nu Carnival Codes

How to Recover Codes in Nu Carnival?

If you are an ordinary player of Nu Carnival, you should know how to recover these coupon codes in the game. Numerous players who have as of late begun playing Nu Carnival don’t have any idea how to reclaim these codes in-game; then don’t stress. We are here to let you know how to recover these gift codes by simply following these basic advances:

  1. Open the game, click on the “Menu” button situated on the upper right half of the screen
  2. Then snap on “Settings” and select “Other.”
  3. Then snap on the “Recover Code” button and enter the codes we gave
  4. Click on the ‘alright‘ button, and you will be compensated quickly through in-game mail.

After following these means, compensations for Nu Carnival will be quickly compensated through the in-game mail and add a similar to your in-game record.

For What Reason Are The Nu Carnival Codes Not Working?

The game engineers themselves regularly give Nu Carnival codes. The issue is that, more often than not, we don’t know how long they will endure or, on the other hand, assume they have a constraint of some sort. Taking the code you have seen on this page doesn’t work; ensure that you have composed it accurately, regarding the capital letters or accentuation marks.

 Once in a while, codes expect you to meet specific prerequisites or progress through the game for them to work. If the code doesn’t work, it is truly conceivable that it has lapsed. You can place yourself in touch with us, so we eliminate it from the page (however, remember to let us know in your message what code and game it is).

Step By Step Instructions To Get More Nu Carnival Recovery Codes

Consider the possibility that you quickly found out about new Nu Carnival Codes or occasions when you reported them. You should be aware or be educated to do as such. The game’s data sources aren’t left well enough alone. They are, now and again, the game’s true media. Besides, I use them to refresh the site, guaranteeing that you give the most reliable data that anyone could hope to find. I regularly use the authority site, Facebook, Twitter, or the Disunity server. I use YouTube in remarkable conditions.

Inquire consistently to avoid missing the following news, occasions, codes, level rundown and guides. If you utilize informal communities, share with your companions or your society.


NU Carnival is for sure an amazing game. Anyway, utilizing recover codes can assist you with getting various prizes, giving you the upper hand. On the off chance that you have any inquiries or questions in regards to the codes list, let us in on in the remarks.