MeloBlox Codes (March 2023) | Free XP & Boost

MeloBlox Game

Roblox MeloBlox RPG is an MMORPG that reminds gamers of playing RPG video games available today. The primary objective in the game is to take on enemies and collect exclusive loot as drops. Can use plenty of loot to modify your character and stats to what you’d like. Also, you have the chance to swap loot with other players and get great deals to improve your skills in the game. To get you going with a few Boosts and other items, we’ve compiled a list of brand-new Roblox MeloBlox Codes for you.

Features of MeloBlox

  • Play with your friends
  • Exchange trade with the other player
  • Multiple weapons
  • Skills and capabilities
  • Increase your level and be more powerful

Seasonal events

  • Alpha Release!
  • Easter Shopkeeper
  • Puff let Egg

MeloBlox Codes March 2023

Roblox MeloBlox has a series of codes to help you play more comfortably and reach your desired game level. You can get bonuses, free items, and many others. These codes are beneficial to improve the character and give them power with diverse abilities. Follow this complete guide step-by-step to be the most influential player there.

New Valid Redeem Codes for MeloBlox Roblox

Codes For Meloblox Roblox 2022
Codes For Meloblox Roblox 2023


MeloBlox CodesREWARDS
MeloHype9562Redeem this code for a Marshmallow Stick (New)
Melo5kLikesRedeem it for a 30-minute XP boost (New)
MeloReleaseRedeem it for a 30-minute XP Boost
MeloEasterRedeem for 5x Easter Eggs
MeloBlox Codes

MeloBlox Codes 2023 (Expired Codes)

There are no codes that have expired.

How to Use MeloBlox Codes in Roblox?

If you aren’t sure how to redeem your codes in MeloBlox, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Start up Roblox MeloBlox on your mobile device.
  2. Look for a Shopping cart symbol at the lower right on display.
  3. Scroll to the very bottom of the Shop menu.
  4. Click “Redeem” from the “Redeem” button under the “Redeem Game Codes!” tab.
  5. Please copy the code that appears in the list we provided.
  6. Copy your code into the box marked “Enter code.”
  7. Then, click on the redemption button to Enjoy!

How to Get More New Codes?

All you need be doing is follow developers to receive new codes. You can do this by visiting the Twitter accounts and the Discord server. Be sure to check back here to find the entire list of accounts.

These are the codes used in this game. If this has helped, then we’ve got plenty of other codes to freebies to offer you at Gamer Tweak. Explore our extensive listing of Codes and Roblox Promo Codes, which you can utilize to earn discounts this month.

How do I play MeloBlox? Roblox Game by Red-Fox Studio

MeloBlox is a brand new and original MMORPG game on Roblox which lets you progress through defeating monsters and looting an endless array of items. You’ll need to trade, interact and collaborate with other players to make progress through this thrilling adventure.

  • New Code at 5,000 Likes
  • Make use of the code “MeloHype9562” for a Marshmallow Stick
  • Play with your friends
  • Deal with players from other countries
  • Multiple weapons
  • Skills and capabilities
  • Get more substantial and more effective

Tips and Tricks to Play MeloBlox

The quality of the details in MeloBlox is exact! However, here are some suggestions and tricks to enhance you’re playing experience!

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You can hit Q to hold your sword in place behind your back. This will allow you to run more quickly. This technique is typically used to escape mobs with superior abilities that you aren’t able to capture. It’s not just the best method to escape but also to move faster since the world is massive in dimension. You can still be able to see your sword in the background also.

Stack Killing

If you’re strong enough to kill a mob quickly, it is possible to stack kill. Gather a group of creatures and then attack. This will save you time since there is no need to walk through a different mob to take out. Yes, you can kill several at a time. This increases the chance of dropping! The best way to kill stacks is the method to play faster. As more worlds are released, you’ll fall behind.

Flight Escape

This trick is played. It is a must to have two players. Jump, and you can touch your partner when you are in the air. Your partner will do precisely the same. In this way, you’ll be in the grasp of the monster but get away without suffering any damage. Roblox cannot repair this glitch and can be used in any game.

Cliff trick

To accomplish this, it is also employed when trying to escape. You need to press the jump button onto the low cliffs. Once you reach the top, the monsters will have zero ideas of how to defeat you. Once you’ve reached all health, jump down and fight the monster. If you’re AFK and don’t want enemies to attack you, climb on the cliff and rest there. It’s very peaceful and secure.