Love Nikki Redeem Codes – [NEW!] – (March 2023)

Love Nikki Game Description:

Love Nikki is a game for mobile devices developed by Suzhou Nikki Co. and released by Elex. The concept behind this game is to dress Nikki as the protagonist and challenge NPCs and players in fashion-conscious duels in which the player with the most appropriate and relevant style takes home the victory.

Make your style by choosing clothes, makeup, hairstyles, accessories, backgrounds, and more from a vast collection of options with the Love Nikki Free Dressing Mode. Take on stylists worldwide to find out who has the most style within a particular theme.

Love Nikki Codes That Don't Expire
Love Nikki Codes That Don’t Expire

The most appealing aspect of this Love Nikki game is that it provides thousands of outfits you must mix and match most efficiently. After you have created an outfit, you’ll be awarded a point that you can use to win contests. By using this method, you must attempt to win every fashion show you participate in.

Love Nikki is an entertaining game that has a massive amount of content as well as stunning graphics. It’s also an excellent game for players of all ages.

Love Nikki Codes March (2023):

In the next section, we’ve included the list of codes working for this game. I love Nikki’s game.

Love Nikki Redeem CodesRewards
AFBabeJjfCu7 Get this code for 10,000 Gold, 50 Stamina, and two fantasy tickets. (New)
LoveNikki777Use this gift voucher to receive 50 diamonds, 77,777 gold, Stamina, 177 Stamina, and two Pavillion Tickets.
AFAjntA7dPys Make use of this gift code to receive exclusive rewards.
AFAisHQdywrY Make use of this gift card to earn exclusive rewards.
AFAf47aYtczsUse this gift card to redeem 30 stamina, 10 star Coins, two fantasy Tickets, and 2 Reset Princess Cards.
AFAera46kFjR Make use of this gift card to earn 100 Star Coins.
AFAdqYgmtA8y Use this gift voucher to purchase 60,000 gold plus two fantasy tickets.
AFAah8KkRV5JUse this voucher coupon to get 30 Stamina 10,000 Gold 2 tickets to Fantasy.
AEJjymKYPSMF Use this gift voucher to redeem 300 Stamina and 2 Fantasy Tickets.
AEJgwBGM8YX6Make use of this gift card to earn exclusive rewards.
AEJcBtMSJePx Get this gift voucher for 30 Diamonds or 50 stamina.
AEJd23m8CWEW Use this gift card to redeem 10 Stars, 30 Diamonds, and Coins.
AEJEBXNEXREe Get this gift card for 30 Diamonds or 3000 Gold.
AEJb9tsGTQd6 Use this discount coupon code to create Heartful Embroidery and Flowing Stream.
AEIfqGcTnCmj Make use of this gift card to earn exclusive rewards.
AEIcTPXveFqh Make use of this gift card to earn special rewards.
LoveNikki777Use this gift code to redeem 50 Diamonds as well as 77,777 Gold, Stamina, 177 Stamina, and two Pavillion Tickets.
AEHchFsVVsUd Apply this redemption code to receive special rewards.
aEFjQEQjtTD7Utilize this redeem code to earn 30000 gold and 30 Stamina.
aEGe8mJ7dMQ4 Utilize this redemption code to receive 30 Stamina.
AEGdej3CWGCA Utilize this redemption code to receive 30 Stamina.
AEGcU5J4Vq85 Redeem this code to redeem the 50,000 gold.
AEGbJEXWAY7F You can redeem this code to earn 200 Stamina.
AEGaW54NtQSt Enter this redemption code to redeem 3000 Gold.
aEFjQEQjtTD7Enter this redemption code to earn 30000 Gold.
Love Nikki Redeem Codes

Love Nikki Redeem Codes 2023 (Expired Codes)

In the next section, you’ll find an updated list of expired codes of Love Nikki. The reason for adding the expired codes list is to stop people from using outdated Love Nikki dress-up queen codes to ensure they don’t spend their time. 

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Love Nikki Redeem CodesRewards
AEEjmJcWwSxyRedeem code expired to redeem 10,000 gold and 50 Stamina.
AEEiaU46emweRedeem code expired to purchase Wind on Forest top Slender Bamboo bottom Green Cliff Shoes and Poems on Pillow.
AEEfGrPtqVmZ Redeem code expired for 10,000 Gold and 888 Stamina, along with 20 Star Coins.
aEEeP5EV52nj A redemption code has expired for 100 Stamina.
AECdWTH9pe4a Redeem code expired that is valid for 10,000 Gold and 100 Stamina.
Love Nikki Redeem Codes

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How Can I Redeem Love Nikki Codes?

Are you unsure what to do with the promo codes on Love Nikki? It’s easy to follow this guideline. You can redeem the coupons in just a couple of steps:

Step 1: Open the game and click on the “Profile” button on the left-hand side of the game’s screen.

Step 2: A new window will appear, and you can click on the ‘Settings tab and then press the “Redeem” icon.

Step 3: Enter the Love Nikki redeem codes we gave you above in the “Enter the redeem code to claim your reward’ section.

Step 4: Click the “Claim” button, and you’ll be awarded immediately in the game.

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How Can I Get More Love Nikki Redeem Codes?

The New Love Nikki Redeem Coupons are currently being published on the game’s official social media channels, which include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and the official Discord. Gift vouchers are generally issued on special events, such as the game’s milestones and events, popular occasions or collaborations, and special events organized by the game’s designers. We will update this gift voucher list when all the latest redemption codes are available. It is possible to save this site to your favorites and come back often to check for the latest codes.

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