Lords Mobile Codes (March 2023) [UPDATED!] – Free Gems

Lords Mobile Description

Lords Mobile is a real-time strategy game that challenges players to build an empire. You will fight against other players worldwide in massive mega-battles. You can also customize the skills and equipment of your hero.

The method of managing your empire isn’t different from the realm of Android battle and strategy games. This means that you’ll need to use various sources (stone and wood, Food, etc.) to build new structures so that you can eventually construct more central and better systems. In battle, players can’t directly determine how their troops respond to attack. It is essential to prepare your troops for battle before they even begin and keep the troops’ enthusiasm so that they can fight actively. Remember that the strength of your armor and weapons will, without a doubt, turn the odds towards your side.

Lords Mobile Redemption Codes
Lords Mobile Redemption Codes

Lords Mobile is a noteworthy management game with stunning graphics. Also, it deserves special attention for the excellence of the battle scenes with multiple players, which include more than a hundred units at any time at your fingertips.

Lords Mobile Codes March (2023):

Active Codes:

Lords Mobile CodesRewards
2022LORDSPARTYRedeem these codes to get a reward (NEW)
L2022 Rewards include Gold Boost 10x, Ore Boost x10, Timber Boost 10, Stone Boost x10, Food Boost x10, Speed Up Training x10, Speed Up Research x10, 1000 Energy x 10, and 25% Player EXP Boost 1 Trickster x10.
LM001 Redeem these codes to get a reward
THANKS2022Rewards Relocator x1,50,000 Gold, 150,000 Ore 150,000 stones, 150,000 timber 500 Food Accelerate Research for 3 hours, x5 Accelerate Training for 3 hours x 5 3h Speed Up x 1 Material Chest 1 x 1, 2,000 Energy 100 VIP Points 5
Lords Mobile Codes

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Lords Mobile Codes 2023 (Expired codes)

Lords Mobile CodesRewards
LMSMILEYReward 5x 100 VIP points 2500 Energy 5x Speed Up (60 meters) 5x Speed up Research (60 meters) 1x random relocator food, 150,000 stones, 150,000 timber 150,000 Ore and 150,000 Gold
MOONFIESTARewards 5x 100 VIP Points 2500 Energy 5x Speed Up (60 meters) 5x Speed up for Research (60 m) 1x 
DIVINEASSISTANCE Reward 5x points, 2500 Energy 5x speed up (60 meters) 5x Speed Up for Research (60 m) 1x random Relocator Food 150,000 stones, 150,000 timber 150,000 Ore and 10,000 Gold
HOMECOMING2022 Rewards: 5x 100 VIP Points, 2,000 Energy, 5x Speed Up (60 m), 5x Speed Up Research (60 m), Random Relocator, 500,000 Food, 150,000 Stone, 150,000 Timber, 150,000 Ore, 50,000 Gold
FATHERDAY2022 Reward 5x 100 VIP Points 2,200 Energy 5x Speed up (60 meters) 5x Speed up research (60 m) 1x Relocator Random, 500,000 Food 150,000 stones, 150,000 timber 150,000 Ore Gold, 10,000 Gold
IGG16YEARS Rewards: 5x 100 VIP Points, 2,000 Energy, Braveheart, 5x Speed Up (3 h)
MOTHERDAY2022Reward 2x 100 Artifact coins, 50k Gold, 150k ore, 150k timber, 500k Food, 150k Stones, 1x Random Relocator, 5x Accelerate Research (60 meters), 5x Speed up (60 m) 2500 Energy, 50 VIP points.
LMCOLLECTORReward 2x 100 Artifact coins 50k Gold, 150k ore, 150k timber, 150k Stones, 500k Food, one random Relocator Accelerate Research (60 meters) 5x Speed Up (60 meters) 2,200 Energy five VIP points worth 100.
2022ARTIFACTReward 50k Gold, 150k ore, 150k timber, 500k Food, 150k Stone 1x Relocator Accelerate Research (3 hours) 5x speed up (3 hours) 1x Braveheart 2k Energy 500 VIP Points, 5x
EASTER2022 Reward 50k Gold, $150k ore, 150k timber, 150k Stone, 500k Food, 1x Relocator, 5x Speed Up in Research (3 hours), 5x Speed-Up (3 hours), 1x Braveheart 2k Energy 500 VIP points, 5x
XAES9HNM Reward: 24 hours increase in Speed and 2000 gems
ZX9EACM5 Rewards: 24 hours speed up
THANKSGIVING Reward 150,000 Gold 150,000 ore x1 150,000 timber x1, 150,000 stones x1 500 000 Food x 1 Relocator x1, Speed Up (3 hours) 5 Speed Up (3 hours) with x5, Braveheart x1 2,200 Energy x 1. 100 VIP Points, x5
LMHalloween Rewards The Random Relocator, x1, Accelerate the Research (60 m) +5, Accelerate (60 m) 5x 1,1,000 Gems 1
LORDSHURedeem the code below to receive 1x Speed Up Training (15 hours) 1x Speed (15 hours), as well as 1,000 Gems
2021cjRedeem this coupon code to gain a one-time speed up (24 hours) along with 1,000 Gold
Lords Mobile Codes

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Remember that these coupons will be valid for a specific duration; therefore, be sure to redeem the codes before they expire. Please check this page often, as we will keep you updated when an updated code is made available.

How To Redeem Lords Mobile Codes?

If you’re not sure of how you can benefit from the advantages of the codes, don’t be worried! It’s just a matter of knowing you have two choices for you to consider:

Method 1: Enter the codes straight into Lords Mobile

Begin the game.

  1. Press the wheel on the bottom in the bottom right (touch the tower several times until you can see the wheel, and it will appear) to open the settings. If you’ve just begun Lords Mobile, finish the guide so that you’re at liberty to move about and use the menus.
  2. In the menu called other that was displayed, scroll down until the bottom, and you will find an icon that reads “Code to enter” hero that comes with the gift.
  3. Now you are in the exchange center. All you need to do is input code numbers directly on the page.

Method 2: Enter the codes on the game’s website

  1. Visit the Lords Mobile site’s exchange center page. You can switch the default language on this page to French in case you haven’t done it by clicking the button on the right-hand side of the page.
  2. You must enter your IGG ID or your player’s name to receive the rewards codes for your account.
  3. All you need to do is type in the codes.

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How Can I Find More Lords Mobile Codes?

New Lords Mobile Codes are posted on the official social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and the official Discord. Typically, the developers of the game release gift codes for special occasions, such as milestones in the game and landmarks, collaborations, events, popular experiences, and special occasions. The list of gift codes will soon be up-to-date. Gift code list with the most recent redemption codes as soon as they become available. Bookmark this page and keep on the lookout to see if there are any Lord’s mobile codes.

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