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Kaiju Universe Game Overview

Roblox Kaiju Universe is a multiplayer sandbox-style game where you can communicate with the metropolitan world around you as a kaiju. You’ll encounter the full could of these risky goliaths as you meander the guide, battle different players, and annihilate everything around you. Complete day-to-day missions for additional prizes that will assist you with opening the most challenging kaiju beasts in the game.

What Is Kaiju?

In the Kaiju Universe, many Kaiju are unlockable in various ways. Kaiju can be described as the beast players use to destroy structures and fight other Kaiju. Players can purchase Kaiju of various types with the primary cash-based currency in Kaiju Universe, G-Cells. Some kaiju require a specific kaiju. Sometimes, it will be of a certain level, and other times, they may be doing something outside the game.

 Kaiju is available to purchase or select by clicking the Kaiju button in the main menu. It will be displayed on the screen after joining or dying. There are also game pass Kaiju to purchase for Robux through Robux Shop or by clicking the Kaiju button in the main menu. It is found just below the Kaiju option on the menu main.

Every Kaiju has its unique stats and particular capabilities. In general, the higher the cost of the Kaiju more powerful, the better stats it’ll have. Kaiju can also be liked within your main menu by clicking the Star icon next to their image. Favoring it will take it to the top of the list when the sorting type is set to default, and it will be the first Kaiju that is automatically chosen when joining.

Kaiju Universe Codes List (March 2023)

Below is a listing of active Kaiju Universe codes that we discovered within the Roblox Kaiju Universe; when you use these codes, write exactly the way they appear listed or copy and paste commands. The codes are developed through Prometeo Games (TM), the creator and owner of Roblox Kaiju Universe, and they are the only people that can create new codes or remove codes.

Roblox Kaiju Universe Codes 2022
Roblox Kaiju Universe Codes 2023


  • BmvSjWvPhl – New
  • DmjoAjJHcw – New

Kaiju Universe Codes 2023 (Expired Codes)

We are still tracking codes that were available before but have since been deleted from Roblox Kaiju Universe; this allows players to check out the codes that were removed and view the codes below on this list. If you can successfully utilize these codes before when they were deactivated (Expired), don’t be concerned about the rewards, you’ll not lose them.

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How Do I Redeem Kaiju Universe Codes?

  1. Free redemption of codes and reward points for Kaiju Universe are as follows:
  2. When playing, click the Settings possibility.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu.
  4. For the textual Content area, paste the code exactly as it is in the list above.
  5. Verify your code to claim your prize.

How Can I Get More Codes?

You can follow the official Prometeo: Games Discord and Twitter accounts to receive additional Kaiju Universe codes. In addition to these sites, you can earn prizes, such as accessible Megalon and more, by becoming an official builder Roblox community. Do not miss every code you can find by checking this Kaiju Universe code web page. We’ll surely get new items in as fast as they look.

Why Can’t the Kaiju Universe Codes Working?

Most Roblox coupons expire at a particular time, so be sure you claim your prizes promptly. Another reason gamers face difficulties with codes is that they make typing mistakes. To avoid this kind of error, Copy and paste the codes from the list above to redeem the textbox. So, your codes will always work.

Do Kaiju Universe Codes Appear soon?

Roblox developers have the option to enable codes within their game or not. It’s impossible to know what they’ll do shortly, but Kaiju Universe codes do not exist at this time. Additionally, there’s no menu to redeem codes, which makes it unlikely. However, save this page for later, and we’ll update it with new ways to earn products when they come up.

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Where Am I Able To Demolish Kaiju Universe?

Within Kaiju Universe, you can visit various famous places to combat other players and demolish structures. You’re playing as a mighty Kaiju; therefore, destruction has no other option. These are the most well-known maps of the game:

  • Birth Island
  • Florida
  • Isla De Mara
  • Promotion
  • Tokyo

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