Idle Breakout Codes – (March 2023) – [Updated Codes!]

Idle Breakout Game Overview:

Idle Breakout, an updated and modernized version of the classic Atari Breakout game that you can play for free, is an updated spin-off. You can choose from different balls with different speeds and abilities. These balls can be purchased at the shop and used to smash the bricks. You can use your cash to buy upgrades and balls to break more blocks. The bricks will become more challenging to hit with every level you beat.

Idle Breakout is a free-to-play version of Atari Breakout. Kodiqi created this game, which was released on June 20, 2019. This relaxing game is a subtle change to Breakout and elevates the genre to a new level. You move the ledge to prevent the ball from falling. It bounces along the walls and hits the blocks to score your points. The same thing happens in Idle Breakout, but you don’t have to risk dying or ending your game. It works regardless of whether you play.

Game Features:

  • Atari Breakout in its simplest form.
  • Six balls with different abilities.
  • Five power-ups that will help you break bricks faster and more effectively.
  • These numbered bricks indicate how many hits they require to be destroyed.
  • Peaceful and addictive gameplay.
  • There is no risk of losing the game or ending it.


  • Idle Breakout’s first unlocked balls are the Plasma Ball and the Basic Ball. After you have earned your first point, those balls will immediately be available.
  • The third ball you unlock is the Sniper Ball, while the Scatter Ball is the fourth.
  • Next, unlock the fifth ball, the Cannonball.
  • The Poison Ball will be the last ball you unlock.


Each upgrade will be more expensive. You can also purchase power-ups that last only a limited time in addition to the balls. Power Ups is the menu that lists all five available power-ups. A “clickable power-up” can activate them even if they are not used. It randomly spawns at different levels. Clickable power-ups can quickly switch between all five power-ups. The player can click right to get the power-up they desire.

  • Cash Cashed Up: Double your cash.
  • Click Frenzy: Click here to spawn scatter balls or do x10 damage.
  • Demon Core: Cause waves of destruction
  • Snow Ball: Every bounce gives you power and speed.
  • 2X Gold: x2 for a gold brick

Is Idle breakout Mod Safe?

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Idle Breakout Codes 2023:

This classic Idle Breakout game is still top-rated. It is played by millions every day. Although it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like playing on the computer, it’s not impossible to find someone who does. It never hurts to learn some cheat codes! This article will provide you with instructions and explanations on how to unlock all achievements in the game.

Idle Breakout Cheat Codes
Idle Breakout Cheat Codes

Every gamer knows that getting up from the couch to play games is difficult. It can be too painful waiting for an expansion or download. Cheat codes are often the best option. Idle Breakout Cheat codes enable players to skip boring levels and have a more enjoyable experience. While some are time-consuming, others are quick and easy. You can use these codes on both phones and PCs. In addition, you can use these codes to skip over levels.

Idle Breakout Codes February (2023):

Here’s a list of cheat codes you can use in the Idle Breakout video game.

Beat 6,000 Levels (NEW):


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Reach level 10K:


Reach level 260464:

  • MjYwNDY0LDFlKzMwMixJbmZpbml0eSw0MDE4NywwLDE1MjY0NTkzLDE1MjY0NTkzLDc2

Reach level 42K:


Reach level 212:


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Maximize All Ball Upgrades:


Infinite Money:


Instantly Break 1 Million Bricks:


Idle Breakout Codes 2023 (Expired Codes)

These are the idle breakout cheat codes that have expired. Therefore, you cannot claim them anymore.

  • There are currently no expired codes.

Let us know if any codes on the working list have expired, and we’ll add them to our expired codes list.

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Are There Any More Idle Breakout Codes?

It could be! These files are saved, so you will likely find codes for any progression within Idle Breakout. We will keep an eye on any codes we like and update this guide as time passes. Finally, this guide will be complete. To instantly access cheat codes, you can visit the game page by clicking the link at its top.

How To Use These Idle Breakout Hacks & Codes?

These cheats are very easy to use. We recommend you save your game before moving on to the next steps.

  1. Copy any of these codes (Yes, they’re very long and contain everything in italics).
  2. Launch idle Breakout at any site that offers cool math games.
  3. Click on Settings (top right corner, gear icon).
  4. Click on import.
  5. Paste the code into the Paste import data field.
  6. Click OK.

How Can I Disable Hacks And Cheats?

If you feel that the cheats are too intrusive, these steps will help you get rid of them:

  • First, click on Settings (top right corner, gear icon).
  • Then, click on the “White all Data” button (below the import button).

What Is The Best Idle Breakout Strategy For You?

Idle Breakout Cheat codes can speed up the game, but you still need a strategy for the final rounds. Using the correct technique when using the balls is crucial because it can cut down on execution by up to 100x.

  • Cannonballs are more damaging than any other ball, so we recommend using them more often.
  • The Poison ball is another ball you can choose. It is very effective in the later rounds. Next, we’ll bet on Plasma balls. These are similar to Basic balls but have AOE (Area of Effect).
  • The balls can be divided into Cannon (45%), Plasma (25%), and Poison (35%). In addition, you should ensure that you purchase speed, ball power, and any other upgrades.

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How To Play The Idle Breakout Game?

  • This game is straightforward to play. Taps and balls are used to smash all bricks until they are all gone. Then, the primary use of the balls is to waste thousands of bricks.
  • After smashing each brick, you get paid a few bucks that you can use to upgrade balls.
  • The whole point of the game is to solve levels using your smart strategy and upgrading. The game becomes more difficult as you progress and requires faster and more powerful balls to complete levels.
  • You will have to tap continuously to break down bricks, making it even harder if you don’t upgrade your balls or use powers. You will need all your money to increase your ball speed and improve the game.
  • Don’t worry. You can also make money away from the screen by using it, and you will double the amount if you view an ad. This is how idle Breakout can help you make money.
  • It will be easier to play Idle Breakout with skill rather than cheating.

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