Guardian Tales Codes – Free Gold & Gems – [JANUARY 2023]

Are you in search of the Guardian Tales Codes or Guardian Tales Coupon Codes or Coupon Codes For Guardian Tales? If yes, then this is what you should read.

Guardian Tales Game Details:

Guardian Tales is an Action RPG featuring complex puzzles and active combat with a reactive nature developed by Kakao Games for Android and iOS. The game takes you into a new world to take on some of the most frightening creatures in search of precious treasures and the rarest artifacts. Create a powerful team of heroes and set out to take on the most hazardous Dungeons.

In the Guardian Tales game, you will find more than 50 distinct and charismatic heroes. Each one of them comes with a different appearance and unique capabilities and traits that will help battle against massive bosses. Play, fight, enjoy the best gameplay, gain access to iconic weapons and gear, and competition for treasure alongside players from around the world in a thrilling PvP mode.

Game Information:

Title Guardian Tales
Publisher Kakao Games Corp
Genre Role Playing Game
Android201 MB
iOS268 MB
Guardian Tales Codes

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Game Features:

  • Puzzle Solving Gameplay
  • Strategic Action Combat
  • Challenging Dungeons & Bosses
  • Intense PVP and Rankings
  •  Hero and Weapon Collection
  • Form a guild with Friends
  • Customize Your Floating Castle
  • Tribute Parodies

Guardian Tales Coupon Codes (2023):

Guardian Tales is a famous action role-playing game for Android and iOS platforms. The game was developed for the market by Kong Studios and later released through Kakao Games in 2020. The thing that gamers enjoy about the game is the fact that it provides multiplayer play.

Guardian Tales is an incredible game that features a variety of unique animations, game-related items, and distinctive and robust characters. It’s a popular mobile game that has a massive following. But, like all games that simulate role-play, you’ll be required to shell out a significant amount of money to unlock powerful characters and other items.

Guardian Tales Coupon Codes
Guardian Tales Coupon Codes

You can access all the additional items with the Guardian Tales codes for absolutely nothing. The game’s developers issue various working codes that you can use to obtain free items. If you’re seeking working codes for Guardian Tales, keep going through this article until the final.

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Active Guardian Tales Codes January (2023):

Let’s first examine the list of codes that are in Guardian Tales:

Guardian Tales CodesRewards
GT2YEAR  can use this code to earn 500 Gems.
GT4EVER Use this code to get 200 Stamina.
DreamingUse this coupon to earn 300 Gems.
GT2YEARMake use of this code to earn 500 Gems.
GT4EVERUse this coupon to get 200 Stamina.
OneMOREYEARThis code will give you 200k EXP.
GUARDIANWHOUse this code to make 50 Stamina.
Guardian Tales Codes

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Guardian Tales Codes 2023 (Expired Codes)

Suppose you’ve gotten the working Guardian coupon check at expired coupons too. We’ve included expired codes to cut down on your time. Many sites have expired codes listed in their word lists. This wastes time for gamers as they attempt to redeem expired codes.

Guardian Tales CodesRewards
LIBERAMECHA This code is for 3x strengthening the Hammer level 25.
ChocolateCUPID  can use this code to earn 300 Gems.
THANKSBOB Use this code to make 300 Gems.
RIMNEVERDIESThis code will give you 100 Stamina.
INVADERSEnter this code to receive exclusive rewards.
ItsGonnabEMAYThis code will provide you with 200k of Experience.
TRANSLATOR Use this code to earn exclusive rewards.
World14Out Use this code to get 50 Stamina.
AFTERNOONPICNICUse this code to make 50000 Gold.
VAMPIREORDEMONUse this coupon to make 300 Gems.
FOURLEAFThis code will give you 50 Stamina.
CLOVER Use this code to get 100 Stamina or 50,000 Gold.
BINGO Enter this code to earn 70,000 points.
XELLOSThis code will give you 300 Gems.
DEMONSBLOOD Use this code for level 70 of the Awakening Chest.
EMERALDPALACEUse this coupon to earn 50 Stamina.
SLAYERSNEXTUse this code to get 50 Stamina.
LINAINVERSE123  can use this code to earn 300 Gems.
GOURRYFORFREEUse this code to print 12x blank blueprints.
CollaborationUse this code for 1x level 70 Growing chest.
ChocolateCUPID  can use this code to earn 300 Gems.
ChocolateromanceMake use of this code to earn 50 Stamina.
TIMEYEARUse this code to get 1 level 25 Hammer.
EARTHORFIREUse this code to earn 70k Experience.
LOVEISINTHEAIRMake use of this code to earn 300 Gems.
GIVECOFFEEYou can use this code to get 50 Stamina.
HappyNewYearUse this code to get 1 level 40 of Hammer.
FreshStart Use this code to earn 300 Gems.
WinterBluesWho Make use of this code to earn 50K Coins.
WorldColdCoffeeWarmUse this code to get 70 Stamina.
SilentNight This code will give you 100 stamina.
HOLIDAYSPIRITUse this code to get one Princess Edict.
XMASCAROL Use this coupon for 1 level 40 of Hammer.
ALLWEWANT Utilize this code to redeem this code to purchase three Stone Boxes.
FORXMAS Use this redeem this code to earn 600 Gems.
ARECOUPONSMake use of the coupon code to get 20 blank Blueprints.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS Make use of this code to get 100 Stamina.
THISWASH4LLOWEEN Use this coupon to redeem this code to get 13 blank blueprints.
PR1SONBR3AKUse this redeem this code to get 300 Gems.
1NTERMISSIONMake use of this coupon for 50 Stamina.
DRUIDK4NNA You can use this redeem code to purchase 1 The Awakening Dungeon Box.
Guardian Tales Codes

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How To Redeem Guardian Tales Coupons Codes?

Play a game and select the options icon in the top right-hand corner.

  1. Select the Account Settings option after the menu appears.
  2. Scroll down until you see the coupon code enter button; click it.
  3. Within the coupon code box, please type in the coupon code exactly as it appeared on the list above.
  4. Click on the “Confirm” button to enter your prize.

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How To Redeem Guardian Tales Coupon codes From The Official Website?

  1. Visit the Guardian Tales official site.
  2. In the menu, choose the coupon option.
  3. Select the region you want to play on (the server that you’re using)
  4. Within the User number box, type in the user ID you can locate in the game by clicking Options, after which you can go to Account settings. Settings for your account.
  5. Within the coupon code box, please type the coupon code exactly as shown on the list above.
  6. Click on the submit button for your prizes.

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What’s Wrong With My Guardian Tales Codes Working?

Before entering the codes, you’ll need to go through the training. Guardian Tales codes tend to expire fast, so redeem them as quickly as possible. Additionally, one of the most common reasons for code not functioning is the simple error of an error. To avoid spelling mistakes, make sure you type in the coupon precisely as it’s written or duplicate it if you’re playing on a PC (via an Android game emulator).

How To Get More Codes?

The latest coupons for Guardian Tales are posted on official social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and the official Discord. It is possible to bookmark this page and keep checking for coupons from Guardian Tales. We will bring up the Coupon Code list with all the latest redemption codes when they are available. Typically, game designers release Coupon Codes for special events such as the game’s milestones, frequent occasions, collaborations, and special occasions.

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