Grand Pirates Codes (March 2023) – [Updated!]

What is Grand Pirates?

Grand Pirates is a popular Roblox game that offers fans from One Piece an opportunity to play as an actor in the One Piece story. The game’s quest to explore the world around you is the key to moving through various levels and becoming the best player you can become. You’ll need to set sail on the seas to discover ever-more powerful enemies and develop your power and capabilities to eliminate anyone standing on your path. Grand Pirates is a very wonderful game.

All Roblox Grand Pirates Codes (March 2023)

Grand Pirates provide you with gift codes for different rewards. Codes expire soon, and we’ll update them in our new and expired codes to help you remember. You must follow the exact format we described (with the identical capitalization of letters); otherwise, they will not work. The best way to go is to copy the codes below and paste them directly into the game.

Latest and New Grand Pirates Codes (Active)

Grand Pirates Roblox Codes
Grand Pirates Roblox Codes


Grand Pirates CodesRewards
SecondSeaClaim for Stat Reset (New)
50KLikesSorryClaim for 120 minutes of 2x Peli (New)
12.5MVisitsClaim for Stat Reset (New)
60KFavorites Double XP boost after 60 minutes
Grand Pirates Codes

The game is becoming increasingly popular daily, so play and join the fun to earn new codes very soon.

Grand Pirates Codes 2023 (Expired Codes)

These are the ones that were not working as of the time we tried to test them at the time of the update.

Grand Pirates CodesRewards
8.5MVisits Reset Stats
20KLikes Reset Stats
1KDislikes Remove a Devil Fruit
2MVisits Devil Fruit Notified 60 Minutes
20KFavorites Double Pela for 60 Minutes
1.5MVisits Devil Fruit Notified for 60 Minutes
10KLikes Reset Stats
1MVisits Reset Stats
10KFavorites Double Pela for 60 Minutes
5KLikes Reset Stats
500KVisits Remove Devil Fruit
SuspiciousAction Devil Fruit Notified for 60 Minutes
100KVisits Reset Stats
4KLikes G2x Pela to 30 minutes
3KLikes The Devil Fruit Notification for 60 mints
2KLikes 2x XP for 30 Minutes
1KLikes Reset Stats
SorryForBugs 10,000 Pela
Released 10,000 Pela
30KLikesUse this code to receive Stat Reset
GearFourth Redeem this coupon to receive Stat Reset
7.5MVisits Redeem this code to gain Stat Reset
50KFavorites Use this coupon to get rid of Devil Fruit
40KFavoritesUse this coupon to get rid of Devil Fruit
5MVisitsUse this coupon to receive the Devil Fruit Notified to be used for up to 120 minutes
20KLikes Use this code to reset your Stats
1KDislikes Redeem this coupon to get rid of Devil Fruit
SorryForShutdownsRedeem this coupon to receive an x2 Drop Rate for 60 minutes
100KVisits Use this code to reset Stats
4KLikesUse this coupon to earn Double Pela in 30 mints
3KLikes Redeem this coupon to receive the Devil Fruit Notified for 60 mints
2KLikes Use this code to receive Double XP for 30 minutes
1KLikes  Redeem this coupon to reset your Stats
released Redeem this coupon to receive 10k Pela
SorryForBugs Redeem this coupon to earn 10k Pela
Grand Pirates Codes

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How Can I Redeem Grand Pirates Codes?

It’s easy and quick to redeem codes within Grand Pirates. All you have to complete is follow the simple steps listed below.

  1. Launch the game, and then go to the server.
  2. Hit the “Menu” button below the health and XP bar at the screen’s bottom left.
  3. Will display a tiny user interface.
  4. Click “Settings” or the “Settings” icon to open the code box.
  5. Input the redeem code you need within the field marked “Code“.
  6. Ensure you press “Enter” on the keyboard to take advantage of the reward.

How Can I Obtain More Grand Pirates Codes?

Roblox Grand Pirates redeem codes are available on Twitter, Roblox group, YouTube, and Discord. Most of the time, developers release codes for special occasions such as milestone celebrations, festivals, partnerships, and other special events. We’ll update this post with all new redeem codes as soon as they become available. Bookmark this page and frequently return to ensure you don’t miss any of the latest codes.

Why don’t my Grand Pirates Codes Work?

The most frequent cause of incorrect code entries for Grand Pirates is that the person entering them was not correct. When entering codes, it is recommended to paste them directly from our website into the box for entering codes instead of entering them manually. Like other Roblox games, Grand Pirates code codes can be interpreted case-sensitively and require proper punctuation.

If you’re sure you’ve entered the code correctly, you’re still not getting results. The developers may have expired their code. If this is the case, inform us in the comments so we can look into it and take it off the list.

Level Up Guide For Roblox Grand Pirates

In general, the best suggestion is to play more. This applies to all games that can level up. There are two options to increase your level of play by playing more fun or giving money to the game. If you choose the second option, all you need to do is finish your career path. This is why we have some guidelines for the career path.

Foshan Village

It is the first Island that you can play on in-game. It is possible to play until you reach level 40. The only thing you have to accomplish is to complete the missions. To achieve the first and second missions, it is necessary to defeat bandits. When you complete these missions, it will be up to 15. The next objective is to take on bosses. In accomplishing this, you’ll attain level 40.

Shells Town

This Island will be open to you until the 100th level. Once you’ve reached level 85, you’ll have to defeat the boss to continue the adventure. If you fail to do so, you’ll need to take out marines until you get to level 100, which could be a huge waste of time.

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Orange Town

From the point of level between 100 and 160, you’ll begin to be in Orange Town. You must be able to beat Bobby Clowns until you reach Level 130. After that, you must defeat Bobby Pirates until Level 145. Then, it would be best to defeat the boss to continue your adventure.

On other islands, you must perform the same. You can increase your level by defeating weak enemies. Then, defeat an enemy boss, allowing you to bypass levels, and then go on to the next island.

This is how you can level to the next level to the next level in Roblox Grand Pirates. We hope that you find this guide useful.