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Glider Simulator

Experience the joy of general aviation like never before! World of Aircraft is a series of stand-alone simulators focused on one type of flying. World of Aircraft, Glider Simulator is a set of (motor-) gliders and two aircraft built on a high-definition air-flight space. World of Aircraft uses a dedicated graphics engine and an engine for physics to recreate small aircraft. Each edition is focused on a particular type of aviation and will always cover the region, airport(s), and aircraft that are needed to learn about the type of aviation. Because it is not trying to cover the whole world and all forms of aviation, you will get more details on the components included in the Glider simulation compared to full-blown simulators.

It’s a VFR-only simulator, which simulates flights that are not accompanied by complex equipment and you fly using your compass and eyes. It’s about enjoying flying and getting your machine to work in Glider Simulation. The flight simulation is stunning and reveals every model’s strengths and weaknesses. Absolutely World of Aircraft is not simply a game but a simulation, and you’ll be required to learn how to fly every aircraft.

User Interface

  • A simple interface this interface is simple to use and avoids making complicated options
  • Six languages are available for user interface radio and audio (English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, and Dutch)
  • Three Languages Manuals (English, German, French More to follow) 


  • Training for a variety of flights stage to Wilga and Blanik
  • Free flight for all models
  • Multiplayer mode, with Aero Tow (Wilga as well as Blanik)
  • TrackIR support provides an immersive gaming experience

What Do You Mean By Glider Simulator Codes?

The creator worthlessly distributes Glider Simulator coupons to aid you in your airborne adventure. It comes with a selection of valuable things, including gems that can help kick off your collection. We usually generate new codes to mark some milestones like new updates or the game achieving the number of likes. Make sure you add the game to your favorites and keep this page in mind for additional freebies.

Valid Glider Simulator Codes (March 2023)

Here are the current codes to use with Glider Simulator as of the date of the last check. Any new codes that are released will be posted here.

Roblox Glider Simulator Codes 2022
Roblox Glider Simulator Codes 2023


Glider Simulator CodesRewards
TENTKAYUse this code to receive 750 free gems
IMHUNGWYRedeem this coupon code to get 300 free gems
Glider Simulator Codes

Expired Glider Simulator Codes

Glider Simulator does not have expired codes at the time of last looked. If the program is updated, any old codes that have already been ineffective can be included in the guide’s section.

How to Redeem Glider Simulator Working Codes?

Roblox Glider Simulator is a game you can play on your laptop or mobile device.

  • On the left-hand right side, you can click on the left side of your screen and then click the Twitter button.
  • Choose a code from the below list.
  • Then copy and paste the code into the “Input code here” text box.
  • For claiming your winnings, just hit submit your information.

What Are Trails In Glider Simulator, And How Do I Get Them Equipped?

The primary function of Glider Simulator codes is to obtain in-game currency for upgrades. When you use coins to improve your equipment, you can also use gems to buy new Trails that give you a boost to the amount you earn each time you slide. To purchase a brand new Trail, you need to walk into the Trails section (it is marked with a purple sign) within the Lobby. Press the store button and buy the Trail Capsule. Afterward, you can equip it using the Profile icon to the left and navigate through the Trails tab.

Why Can’t My Glider Simulator Codes Work?

The process of redeeming codes on Roblox can be challenging on Roblox. The reason that your codes aren’t working is that they are expired. However, if the game achieves a significant milestone or gets an update, you can expect to release a brand new Glider Simulator gem and coin codes.

The Glider Simulator codes also might not function due to incorrect input on your part. Codes are case-sensitive; therefore, even a capitalization error could cause the code to stop working. We suggest cutting and pasting the codes precisely as they appear above.

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How do I Use Glider Simulator? 

 Get free of cannons and fly into the air with your Glider Simulator. Avoid and weave through obstacles, gather powers in mid-flight, and use them to fly farther than you’ve ever been before. Utilize the cash you earn to buy powerful upgrades so that you and your glider can fly further than you imagined.

How Can I Find More Free Glider Simulator Codes?

Hungry Games plans to release new Glider Simulator codes to be compatible with the official Roblox page. One other feature currently targets 25K likes to gain access to a promo code. Join the Facebook official page to track the games’ progress. As well, you can check out our full guide. Currently, the coupons for the free Glider Simulator will be updated frequently.

Utilize the gold and Gems you collect to purchase higher-quality glider wings and cannons to keep you for a long time flying.

Final Words

We make every effort to ensure that up-to-date Glider Simulator software dates are not necessary to look for them everywhere else. There’s a particular Discord group called Glider Simulator Discord, where you can keep track of updates and fan-related interactions.

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