Chaos And Peace Codes (March 2023) – [UPDATED!]

Chaos and Peace Game Description

Chaos and Peace is an exciting and addictive action game with RPG elements and thrilling turn-based combat. The game shows players the fascinating and fascinating world of professional Ninjas. The challenge is to create an impressive team of brave warriors and to take on various opponents. To win, you must devise a win-win strategy and promptly boost your players.

It is a game for Android. Chaos and Peace for Android is a simple game with a basic mechanic typical of this type. The players must choose heroes with different traits and abilities to form an appropriate team. The battles are intense however, the player remains in charge of the battle. They should create appropriate characters to fight and select targets to attack. The player decides on his own whether or not to follow the story or engage in a fight.

When you are attempting to get through Chaos and Peace, you need to acquire new skills and enhance the weapons of heroes. This requires money. You can earn these by performing easy tasks. After you quit the app, the user’s account will grow due to the system of passive earnings. The game features vibrant graphics that are reminiscent of the original show. The soundtrack is a perfect match to the look of the game.

The Most Important Characteristics Of The Game:

  • Super Ninjas with the latest technology and innovations.
  • A plethora of strong ninjas is available. Learn, upgrade, and develop your most loved Ninjas—more than ten levels of ninjas for you to master deep.
  • Fast-paced battles between ninjas.
  • Rapid-paced combat and idle gameplay let you experience rapid battles and enjoy an easy level of development.
  • Play online.
  • Global rankings are updated in real-time. Play against other players in cross-services. Team PVE is the best way to take on world bosses, and receive amazing rewards.
  • Massive updates of exclusive events.
  • Exclusive activities will be released each week, with limited ninjas, god-level props, and other benefits.
  • Have fun with your friends in real time.
  • There are many innovative ways to play the world, including arenas, world bosses, team dungeons, and so on—an abundance of content is available for you to test your skills.
  • Chaos and Peace APK available for Android can be downloaded free from our mirrors or the Play Store.

Chaos And Peace Gift Codes 2023:

In many games, game developers distribute gift vouchers or code that allows players to get free rewards and prizes to help both new players and veterans remain in the game. Chaos and Peace codes are only redeemable once; however, you can redeem as many gift vouchers as you’d like for as long as each code is used on different accounts.

Before we get to the Chaos and Peace Promo Codes list, some people may be confused by the distinctions between Chaos and Peace (iOS) and The Ultimate Ninja (Android). This confusion is due to The Ultimate Ninja’s inclusion in two different games on both platforms. But they are similar regarding gameplay therefore, players can pick which version they like.

Chaos And Peace Codes
Chaos And Peace Codes

The Chaos And Peace Codes March (2023):

We’ve put together the complete list of Chaos and Peace Gifts codes. They can be used to get free diamonds, cash, and recruiting scrolls, as well as chests, expr, friendship points, and various other game things.

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Below is a list of gift codes for the Chaos and Peace game:

They’re identical, and I’m not sure why YAO Games make one game with two names, but it’s the way it’s done. Let’s now go to The Chaos and Peace Codes.

Chaos And Peace CodesRewards
2021asumasenseiUse this code to redeem one (1) Asuma Sarutobi. 20x Experiment (8hrs) (including 20x Gold (8hrs) (also 20x Ninja Essence (8hrs), 20x SS Fragments, 10x Recruitment Scrolls and 10x Faction Scrolls and 10x Legendary Scrolls (Added on October 20 and 2021) (New)
narutobd1010Redeem this coupon code to receive 10x Recruitment Scrolls 20x Gold(8hrs) 1x Uzumaki Naruto, 20x Exp(8hrs),10x Faction Scrolls, 20x Ninja Essence(8hrs) 10x Legendary Scrolls, 100x Tailed Beast Power Stones (Added on October 11 2021)
ino0923You can redeem this code for 1x Ino Yamanaka 20x Exp(8hrs) + 20x Gold(8hrs), 20x Ninja Essence(8hrs), 10x Scrolls for Recruitment Scrolls along with 10x Faction Scrolls (Added on September 24 2021)
0915aakashiUse this code to redeem 1x Hatake Kakashi 20x Exp(8hrs) or 20x Gold(8hrs) and 20x Ninja Essence(8hrs), 10x Recruitment Scrolls as well as 10x Faction Scrolls (Added on September 15, 2021)
welc2officialdisUse this gift voucher to redeem three Friendship Point Chests
welcome2disYou can redeem this gift card for three Friendship Point Chests
kurotsuchi0906Use this code to redeem 10x Recruitment Scrolls and 20x Gold(8hrs), and 20x Ninja Essence(8hrs) (Added on September 7, 2021)
0815momochiUse this coupon code to redeem 1x Momochi Zabuza 20x Gold(8hrs) and 20x Ninja Essence(8hrs) (Added on August 15, 2021)
0803tsunadeUse this code to redeem 1x Tsunade 20x Gold(8hrs) and 20x Ninja Essence(8hrs) (Added on August 3 and 2021)
0723sasukeUse this code to redeem 1x Sasuke Uchiha, 10x Recruitment Scrolls, 20x Gold (8hrs), 20x Exp(8hrs) (Added on July 23, 2021)
uzukushi0710Redeem this code to purchase 1x Kushina Uzumaki 20x Gold(8hrs) 20x Exp(8hrs) (Added on July 12, 2021)
itachijune9Redeem this coupon code for the 10x Legendary Scrolls, 20x Gold(8hrs) 20x Exp(8hrs) (Added on June 9, 2021)
raikage2021You can redeem this code for 10x Recruitment Scrolls and 20x Gold (8H), and 20x Exp(8H) (Added on June 1, 2021)
meiterumi0521You can redeem this code for 10x Recruitment Scrolls, 20x Gold (8H), and 20x Exp(8H) (Added on May 21, 2021)
killerbee2021You can redeem this code for 10x Recruitment Scrolls, 5x Gold (8H), and 5x Exp(8H) (Added on May 15, 2021)
mothersday2021Use this code to redeem 10x Recruitment Scrolls and 5x Gold(8H), and 5x Exp(8H) (Added on May 9, 2021)
welcome2discordUse this code to redeem three Friendship Point Chests containing 300 Friendship Points (Added on April 22, 2021)
choza0422Use this code to redeem 10x Recruitment Scrolls, 20x Gold (8H), and 20x Exp(8H) (Added on April 22, 2021)
hidanhidanhi2021You can redeem this code for 1x Hidan and 20x Gold (8H), and 20x Exp(8H) (Added on April 2, 2021)
hsakura2021Use this code to redeem 10x Recruitment Scrolls or 20x Gold(8H) and 20x Exp(8H)
kisame0318You can redeem this code for 1x Hoshigaki Kisame and 20x Gold (8H), and 20x Exp(8H)
whiteday2021  can use this code to redeem 314x Diamonds
tentenhpbd0309Use this code to redeem 10x Recruitment Scrolls and 20x Gold(8H), and 20x Exp(8H)
konanhpbd2021Use this code to redeem 10x Recruitment Scrolls and 20x Gold(8H) and 20x Exp(8H)
Chaos And Peace Codes

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How Do I Redeem Chaos And Peace Gift Codes?

Like many games of this kind, there is no requirement to go through the tutorial to get these Chaos and Peace Promo codes, as you can play wherever you like right from the beginning. Follow the steps below to redeem the Chaos and Peace game gift codes.

  1. If you have a device to play, start to play the Chaos and Peace game.
  2. To the left side of the screen click the Avatar/Profile button.
  3. You can hit the “Gift Code” button when a new window pops up.
  4. Select any of the Chaos and Peace codes from the above list.
  5. In the “Gift Box” section, type in the code.
  6. To get your free in-game rewards, click on the Collect Button.

What Can I Get More Chaos And Peace Codes?

The game’s developers at Chaos and Peace provide promotional codes for Gold and different rewards via their respective social media platforms, including Chaos and Peace Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Reddit, and Discord. The new Chaos and Peace will add codes here once available. Check back often to learn more about the latest Chaos and Peace Cheats updates.

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How Do I Get The HTML0 File Chaos And Peace On PC?

  1. Download then install the Mumu Player on your computer.
  2. Start the 2 Launch Mumu Player by completing Google sign-in for access to the Play Store.
  3. Search Chaos and Peace in the App center
  4. Complete Google registration (if you didn’t complete Step 2) to set up Chaos and Peace.
  5. After installation is complete, Click “Start Game” to activate the game.
  6. Play Chaos and Peace on your PC using Mumu Player

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