Battle Night Codes (March 2023) – [NEW!]

Battle Night Overview

Battle Night is a street-fighting game where you are challenged to venture into the dark of night and create the best team of heroes that can defeat your adversaries. This game is set in a cyberpunk-themed world where neon light bulbs whirl through the various attacks you can take.

Battles are raging everywhere in this vast city, and your aid is needed to stop the villains. Before you can engage in any fights, it is essential to be able to manage the heroes whom you’ll be fighting. Maintaining a well-balanced team is essential for stopping your opponents’ attacks.

It’s important to mention it is essential to note that Battle Night doesn’t include an automated combat system. This system does not allow you to choose which powers you’ll need to use in each game. Therefore, you need to make a strong team before every attack to improve your chances of winning. There’s also an exceptionally visually striking section that lets you see every battle between the players.

When you earn rewards with the rewards, you’ll be able to unlock more hero’s power, resources, and resources to boost the efficiency of every squad you build. Battle Night is one game that requires players to upgrade their characters to stand out in more challenging battles.

Battle Night Tier List (Top Heroes)

Hero camps: There are six hero camps included in Battle Night. The membership of a camp determines the number of camp effects a combat team can utilize. Camps are of various types:


 With the help of their will, they disintegrate their bodies and blend with the mechanisms. This is a process that can be fatal. The survivors are known as “reformers.”


They can increase their strength through the absorption of animal manna.


 An organization that promotes the art of kung fu and fighting. They are born extremely powerful and determined to maximize the human body’s full potential. Through continuous training, they possess distinct fighting abilities.


They can sense nature’s forces and manage the forces of nature. Certain nature heroes have been able to blend with plants.


 Violent individuals are frequently described as insane. Most of the time, they have excellent resistance to poisons and can also increase their power with the aid of biochemistry. However, their over-powering desire for power destroyed the humanity in them.


The latest technology and the amazing synthesis of skills make this camp one of the most formidable. Everyone in the camp can fight and have sharp minds. Opportunities for research and the latest combat gear allowed them to establish control of all of the Frontier.

Battle Night Codes March (2023)

Like other games, the developers of battle night also treat their fans by launching redeem codes. These gift codes are beneficial for collecting different rewards, such as diamonds, coins, energy spheres, gold, hero fragments, and other in-game rewards.

Battle Night Redemption Codes
Battle Night Redemption Codes

The codes are accessible through various websites on the internet as well as social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit. Make sure you type in the correct code to earn reward points.

List of Active Codes

  • BNThxU2022 – New!
  • Tigertop1 – New!
  • Purple23 
  • 2022 
  • BNCyber 
  • BN2ND10 
  • BN2ND09 

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List of Expired Battle Night Gift Codes

Battle Night CodesRewards
Daughter SonReceive free diamonds when redeeming the coupon
Cyborg19450You can get free diamonds when you redeem the coupon
Momthebest2021You can get free diamonds when you redeem the coupon
FireShield2021Receive exclusive rewards like the free battle-night codes and diamonds when you redeem them
Beckinsale2021You can get free diamonds when you redeem the coupon
IronForestUtilize Battle Night Codes to earn 100 Diamonds and 1 Fiol Chip free of charge
lionisesEarn exclusive rewards by redeeming your coupon
Battle Night Codes

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How To Redeem Battle Night Codes?

You need to follow the simple steps given below, to convert the battle night codes:

Step 1. Open the application and then click the Settings button in the upper left corner.

Step 2. If the window opens, click on the heart-shaped icon to the left of the settings.

Step 3. Enter the codes provided into the “Enter gift code” option.

Step 4. Hit the confirmation button.

How To Get More Redemption Codes?

As we write many different articles on games, it’s somewhat of a task to stay up-to-date with each one. Yes, we keep these lists updated. However, it may not always be in time.

If you’d like to be the first to get brand new Battle Night gift codes, you must follow the creators of Battle Night: Cyberpunk RPG social media pages like Facebook and their own official Battle Night discord server.

The developers always post new content on their respective social media pages, and occasionally they offer their followers and fans special Battle Night coupons that they can redeem in-game.

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