AFK Arena Codes (March 2023) – Free Diamond & Golds

AFK Arena

AFK Arena is a cult role-playing action game for Android. Build an entire army of superheroes that will battle the army of invading evil before they completely take over the world. It’s a fantastic game with excellent gameplay and an engaging story. Find heroes and allow them to fight every time you’re away. Join the fun again to win the prizes you win. There are numerous heroes you can gather and build an army. Participating in a game with hundreds of thousands of participants is at no cost.

AFK Arena is a casual action-based card game. Players can create their team and build up using the distinctive AFK Awards auto-farming system. Join other players worldwide on this quest of imagination and stop an old evil from taking over the land of Esperia.

Mudded Game Features

  • Get unlimited diamonds
  • Find the top treasures
  • Lock any hero cards
  • Download the app for free when you make an in-app purchase
  • Enjoy high-quality graphics
  • Get unlimited hero slots

AFK Arena Redeem Codes 2023

Coupons within AFK Arena are promos that can use to redeem that allow users to get reward points each month.

 These include games-specific items for sale, including Diamonds, Gold, Elite Hero Soulstones, and Common Hero Scrolls, to just several.

All New AFK Arena Codes September 2022
All New AFK Arena Codes January 2023

Active AFK Arena Codes (January 2023)

Here is a list of all AFK Arena Codes.

AFK Area Codes           REWARDS
qrjfxjzicw You Will Receive 1,000 Diamonds, 3x 8 Hours of Dust, Gold & EXP. (New!)
Brutus2022 You Will Receive 300x Diamonds, and 300k Gold. (New!)
meeyzuxw87 You Will receive 3000x Diamonds and 10x Common Hero Scrolls. (New!)
HAPPY333You will receive 10 Common Hero Scrolls, 10 Stargazer Scrolls, 10 Faction Scrolls, and 2 000 Diamonds.
misevj66yiYou will receive 60 rare Hero Soulstones from the game 500 Diamonds and Five Common Hero Scrolls.
talene2022The prize is 300 diamonds and 300,000 gold.
uf4shqjngqYou will receive thirty Common Hero Scrolls
Afk888The Prize of 300 Diamonds, 20,000 Gold, and 100 Hero’s Essence 
AFK Arena Codes

All AFK Arena Redemption Codes (Expired Codes)

AFK Arena Codes            Rewards
ntbdc2j4yj You Will Recieve 5 Large Crates of Hero XP (8 hours), 10 Common Hero ScrollS, 5 Large Crates of Gold (8 hours), 5 Hero’s Essence Chests (8 hours)
misevj66yiFive Common Hero Scrolls ,60 rare Hero Soul stones, 500 Diamonds
uf4shqjngq30 Common Hero Scrolls
happy202250 Faction Scrolls
talene2022300 Diamonds 300k Gold
y9ijrcnfswElite Hero Soulstones,10 Collective Hero Scrolls, 90 Large Crate of Gold, Large Crate of Hero’s Essence, Large Crate of Hero XP
y9khdntp3v60 Rare Hero Soulstones, 1000k Gold
y9ntv77jvf120 Rare Hero Soulstones, 1000 Hero’s Spirit, 30 Elite Hero Soulstone
WFMH5N68WT200,000 gold as well as 200 diamonds
1fanfengshun188 Diamonds and 188 Gold
228j636fs91,000 Diamonds
26dnuiw8s41,000 Diamonds and 10 Faction Scrolls
2gq55jii8720 Elite Hero Soulstones
2longtengfei188 Diamonds and 188 Hero Experience   
4rytg4u2q6300 Diamonds and 20 Elite Shards
576w235suw300 Diamonds and 20 Elite Hero Shards
65tdenbmtw300 Diamonds and 20 Elite Hero Soulstones  
6u226crhtp300 Diamonds and 20 Elite Hero Soulstones
6wgh9ung661,000 diamond
afklaunch60 Elite Hero Shards         
BestRPG4BusyU500,000 Gold and 500 Diamonds
happybday040910 Common Hero Scrolls,500 Diamonds and five Chests of Wishes
Liuyan888100000 Gold as well as 888 Diamonds
persona5500 Hero’s Essence, 500 diamonds, and 500 Gold
PQGEIMC6DA30 Shards of Elite Hero as well as Gold
tt9wazfsbp1,000 Diamonds
tvb5zkyt471,000 Diamonds
u9rfs27rd91,000 Diamonds
ufxsqraif51,000 Diamonds
u3gpi6heu61,000 Diamonds
Vdgf3AK6Fc1,000 Diamonds
uffqqmgtxd1,000 Diamonds
vm894xsucf1,000 Diamonds
AFKelijah100,000 Gold, 500 Hero’s Essence, 500 Diamonds
AyqcttC36x100 Diamonds as well as 200,000 gold
happy202130 Faction Scrolls
Liuyan23350,000 Gold and 3 Common Hero Scrolls
Yazyax56rz300 Diamonds and 20 Soulstones of Elite Hero
AFK Arena Codes

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How To Redeem AFK Arena Codes

To redeem codes at AFK Arena, you’ll be required to comply with these guidelines:

  • Open AFK Arena.
  • On the left side of the screen. Click on your Avatar. 
  • Locate the ID number at the top of the screen.
  • Go to the Lilith Gift Redemption Site.
  • Enter your ID number in the text area for UID.
  • In your game, click Settings from the menu for users.
  • Tap on the Verification Code.
  • Input the code of your game into the Verification Code text area.
  • Could you copy the code from our list?
  • Copy the code into entering the Gift Code textbox.
  • Tap the button Redeem.
  • Replay the game to discover the prizes in your mailbox.

How to Get More AFK Arena Codes?

You can get codes when they are announced through the AFK Arena official Twitter account. If you’d like to chat with other players, a Discord channel is available to join. We’ll keep up with any new codes that are added, so keep checking here regularly to see what’s changed recently.

That’s all the codes currently available on AFK Arena! If you’ve come across any which aren’t included in our list, please let us know in the comments section, and we’ll add them immediately.

AFK Arena Codes That Don’t Expire

The game has many fan bases and features a fantastic graphic interface and an appealing user interface. The idea behind the game is different, which makes it awe-inspiring. This game was based on currency, such as coins or tokens. Diamonds, cash, as well as other tickets. That helps get boosters to the game.

. You can use these boosters for weapons or power-ups and many additional features that make the game more challenging and thrilling. But they are only to make money. If you don’t have one and don’t want to spend money, don’t be worried. We’re here to assist you by providing AFK Arena codes.

We will provide all details about the game that uses codes, where and how, and other information regarding code-related issues. AFK Arena codes will be provided through this piece.

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AFK Arena Codes That Don’t Expire

They aren’t expiring at any time, so they’re always available. It isn’t easy to obtain; however, we can find it to ensure you can have fun using the AFK Arena Coupons, which do not expire.

  • dqy4aq3pyw-8888Hero Coins, 30 Summon Scrolls, 888 Diamonds,-8888 Labyrinth Coins
  • dwn8ekefb-8,888 hero coin 8888 diamonds labyrinth tokens, as well as thirty ordinary heroes scrolls
  • Xiaban88-500 diamonds
  • uf4shqjngq-30 common hero scrolls
  • 311j4hw00d-100k Gold with 100 diamonds

These codes offer a reward and don’t expire, so you can try these to earn benefits.

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